Our Father in Heaven (Sonnet 2)

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"Who art in Heaven."

O THOU, Who art in Heaven, in homage kneeling,
Our eyes cast down, we lift our hearts to Thee,
In reverent wonder what Thy Home may be,
Some faint breath of its air upon us stealing!
Prone at Thy feet we chide the daring feeling,
As if our thought with Heaven's immensity
Could cope, our eyes its dazzling portal see,
Till they from Death's kiss wake on Thy revealing!

What more of Heaven can man's weak wisdom reach
Than this, though dim, our Father there abides,
And there, in Him, all perfectness of bliss,
Still incommunicate in seraph's speech?
What else of Heaven Time's cloudy curtain hides,
Enough, my heart, for life, for death, is this!