Our Father in Heaven (Sonnet 3)

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The Hallowed Name

"Hallowèd be Thy name."

We hallow Thy great name forevermore,
Thou, Who between the Cherubim dost dwell,
Enrobed in light of which no tongue can tell,
With glory girt, no mortal form e'er wore.
The hosts of Heaven bow down Thy throne before,
And breathe Thy name with love ineffable,
While trembling answers to their rapture swell
In streams borne heavenward from Time's mortal shore.

O name, that never may be lightly said,
How shall my sinful lips its utterance dare
With awe unblenched lest it be breathed to shame?
Sooner let speech upon my lips fall dead,
Than I forget my childhood's living prayer,--
"Father in Heaven, hallowèd be Thy name."