Our Father in Heaven (Sonnet 1)

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"Our Father."

OUR Father! hear Thy helpless children plead!
Thou in Thy might, and in our weakness we,
So infinite at distance seem to be,
How can we know and feel in very deed,
With consciousness beyond the formal creed,
The unsummed bliss of Thy paternity,
Our birth and life begot, begun, in Thee,
Till with our hearts, for eyes, we learn to read?

Nor on the blazoned scroll, alone, where shine
The marvels of Thy power, in suns and stars,
Whose gaugeless grandeur mocks our littleness,--
But on the leaves of Thy sweet Book Divine,
Where Thine incarnate Son's deep griefs and scars,
Thy bounteous, boundless love for us express!