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The Seraph's Kiss

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Is she the seraph living in my dreams?
For if she rises seraph's noble wings,
Like that of light caressing off the beams
Of mortal men that stare in awe, these things.
Now fortify in me outrageousness to glee
And tell the tales of her lovers past.
No vows forget, she so, my bride to be
And therefore fairy promises must last.
I poised the problem clipping precious wings
To toil to fall and burn. Now she lies,
Her face to point towards the northern rings
As misery is heard by vagueness in the skies.
What's this she smiles, recovered from her state
And kissed me tender, not a hesitate.

Death the Bridegroom

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As I wait for life's final breath to come,
I must now patiently lie down in fear.
I pray for my feet to grow white and numb,
So I am aware that the end is near.
Death is my loving and caring bridegroom.
There is no purpose for my petty life.
My absence just makes some much needed room.
Why should I live through my suffer and strife?
Weeds wither and pass in the grass fields.
It rots and helps the others to grow strong.
So shall death be my shield to whom I yield.
This ravenous world shall live off me long.
Earth never stops to remember us well,
We who are waiting at the gates of hell.

"Sunlight, swaying, dancing in green full fields"

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Sunlight, swaying, dancing in green full fields
Spangl'd wild with flower colour's bright smiles
So preferable seems, my spirit thus yields
To far daylit dreams from work-a-day whiles
Bubbles, laughter, foaming green waves shanty
A song mutinous to cloister'd labour
Wayward would I cast far wide to the sea
All cares and concern; indolence savour.
Yet languidly the torpid hours file by
Till the rigid clock releases my soul
Frozen in his austere authority.
There thy kindly words shall my thoughts condole,
Thy friendship sweet recall'd my fancy hail
Whene'er dulcet tones shall sound "You've got mail"

He who has love shall with it win hearts

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How love of you, it doth make me nervous,
That holds my tongue from his most loved attire,
Yields my skin to such bodily service,
That even my palms hold his moist satire,
Is more regal a thought than love itself,
That like a child, I shall his dear youth waste,
And with his aging shall I bring his health,
That with his years, love's wise shall be his haste,
What is love, if his all shall not surface,
And the all to which he is shall not be,
What is love, if love's truth hath no purpose,
•Tis just an anxious child, a leafless tree,
Lesser than love is a wasteful love's best,
And of my love, nothing more nothing less.


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When thoughts of you invade my mind's retreat,
All hope of peace is folly, so I lie
Contented while the war is fought; and by
The moment's end I count my joy complete.
The triumph-shout is heard, the harbored fleet
Erupts with song, lets all its cannons fly--
But just when I rejoice, by treason sly,
I find your thought usurps my reason's seat!

But was the war not won? It might have been,
Except that winning meant a greater cost
Than losing could provide increase of joy--
Victorious loser! Trapped by traitor's ploy,
Now boasting my betrayal, kingdoms lost
By time's most proven trick on mortal men.

Starlight Sonnet

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Sweep the stars from gallantry's eager quest,
Underneath the black void of yesternight
As swiftly streaks the shooting star's gleamed flight,
Our fiery emblems course to the west
Guiding winged journey of flawless test.
We fade in the quiescence of lover's sight,
For vanished and vanquished is our plight,
Below blackened heavens we find our rest
As reverie veils our sleep for a while;
My passions divers and clinging to stars
Awaiting the response that would be ours.
For memories aspire, they do not grieve,
And thus stars unswept are left to smile
As your unwilling heart prepares to leave.


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'neath burning sun and darkened skies find no
Tenacious fire; do seek in pounding stride
A burning soul, a fierce desire, each cried
For more determined resignation. Know-
These violent feelings drive through mistletoe
No passionate kiss of speed from heady pride.
All strain and love the pace- too fast, donęt chide;
All proud and headstrong: spent, it's over; through
Now calm, an hourglass false starts: begin
Like flames, which rise, are swiftly quenched as bold,
Calm knowledge surges, drowning reason small.
To dry out fate and challenge luck again,
Inspired by my shero here, behold:
Through strife he does not walk- will run, does crawl.


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My foolish ways full of selfish desire,
Love's only pawn while we walk down this road.
Her eyes like gems set in gold. I admire
Her now. I wouldn't care to bear the load
Her lover would deal if he knew the truth.
How I want to hold her near to my heart,
As our love grows strong, lasts beyond our youth,
And yet her engagement keeps us apart.
My sonnets for her are my only way,
My struggle so fruitless, what else left to
Fulfill my desire to make her heart sway.
My motives good as the grass is so blue.
To love as I've dreamed, Ill just have to wait,
Feed her my love, hope that she'll take the bait.

Friday Night Fight

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Once upon a time not that long ago,
When I started running with the wrong crowd,
I began my journey up the wrong road,
T'was the troubled ones who like to get loud,

Although I knew I was up to no good,
I still chose to hang with the hard-head ones,
All along I wanted out of the hood,
Once trouble came calling we'd grab our guns,

All it took was one rowdy Friday night,
I didn't like the idea from the go,
Me and my boys were getting in a fight,
Minutes afterwards, my friends let 'em blow,

I'm just really glad that it wasn't me,
Who got life in the penitentiary.

Christina's World

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After Wyeth

He labored on that wintry hill for months,
And contemplated her in her pink dress,
Her crippled arms and hands against the grass
Just like a faded lobster shell or conch
One might find on a beach somewhere; her strength
Drained out forever from the futile legs
That dragged behind her, trailing like the dregs
Spit back into the bottle from one's mouth.
She never reaches home across the field
That spreads before her the infirmity
With which Desire claws and crawls to be,
And then collapses in a gulf too wide
To conquer; while against the ashen sky
The farmhouse stares away from what she feels.

"Many colors do paint all the days sky"

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Many colors do paint all the days sky,
while I sit in the bright and warm sunlight.
Always I come to sit and wonder why,
the sky is falling, it can't stay sun bright.

Wishing that I will always lie right here,
with the warm rocks still waiting beneath me.
The weather will be forever more fair,
no other person shall ever just see.

I think of how things will be and they are,
also, how different they are now.
About how they will never ever scar
nor will they forever not bow.

For that is what this life will always bring,
and that is why the caged bird will sing.

Better Days

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I do remember, times shared together
The moments we had were warm and unique
And all the hard things, dealt with however
We knew that our love reached, the highest peak

Then out of nowhere, things did change quite fast
I fell much deeper in true love, while you
Told me there was no way our love could last
From that one day on my world was cold, blue

What to do after your heart breaks apart?
Is there any way for someone to go on?
Even after stabbed by love, in the heart?
Or feeling the pain of the coming dawn?

I did at last find the one true answer
It is a death not to me, but for her




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