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Festivities today, a fair exchange
Of goods: the season's bounty is at hand
To surfeit all desires and all demand
In numbered hours. Seek not to re-arrange
Tradition, nor to question - in this noon
Of pleasant sun - return of outer cold
When comforters and woolens are unrolled
From storage. Celebrate this passing boon.

Today is feast day; nuts and cakes are here
And merriment and hearty good-will rife
- For this is truce. Relentless love of life
Takes pause, fills belly, smiles, holds mercy dear
As long as well may be. The turkey knife
Is dulled and laid aside. Have no fear.


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A feeling of joy and pure happiness
When two share a special bond together
Overwhelming delight and sappiness
Enticing it is, now and forever

Four little letters known throughout the world
It's an experience of a lifetime
Togetherness shared with a boy or girl
A mountain in some cases, all must climb

It is revitalizing in some ways
But can be demeaning in some others
The ups and downs it causes, sometimes pays
But can also make someone feel smothered

This enthrallment of life sent from above
Beautiful, pure, nothing other than love


The Kingback to top

At first I saw him, and I had no clue,
What things would happen with words said between.
Little did I know my time would be blue.
"Would you date me?" was asked by the good king.
As I thought to myself about true love,
Am I ready or am I just too young.
Just think, true love is a gift from above.
The pleasures of love from heaven are sung.
The king is persistent with his request.
My mind is tired of thinking of this.
He thinks me his queen, not only his guest.
What shall I do with this haunting abyss?
Give my problems to the Almighty Lord.
All turns out well when I follow his word.

My Soccer Shoe back to top

The grass was wet, I ran to see the dew,
The night was cold and now the day was new.
The sun was bright and warm upon my feet,
It was the day we planned to have the meet.

The scene was set; the team was due to arrive,
My feet were moving I knew I was alive.
The game began, the crowds were cheering mad,
As the ball approached I looked to the ground and sadly.

Upon my foot was nothing more than a sock,
To me it was the very greatest shock.
I saw a shadow growing upon the ground,
Hurling from the sky an object that couldn't be found.

I heard the thud; it seemed too good to be true,
There before me and the ground lay my shoe.



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