Our Father in Heaven (Sonnet 13)

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DESIRE and faith are blent in this strong word,
The pith and point of every earnest prayer,
And breathed, forevermore, though unaware,
When contrite hearts with heavenward sighs are stirred.
Two voices in its rich refrain are heard,
The plea of man, the pledge of God, is there,--
"So let it be," he cries; and angels bear
God's seal, "So shall it be," his soul to gird.

O boundless supplication said and sealed,
betwixt our need and God's eternal grace,
Both taught us from the lips of Christ our Lord!
Forgive, O Father, when in doubt we've kneeled,
Nor seen, through veils of sense, Thy loving face,
That make Thy strong AMEN--our feeble word.