Our Father in Heaven (Sonnet 12)

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"For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever."

WE ask from Thee, our Father, since we know
That unto Thee alone all things belong.
Thy cattle on a thousand green slopes throng;
Thy gold and silver in the deep mines grow;
The mighty rivers with Thy music flow;
Thy power hath set the mountains fast and strong;
Thy planets praise Thee in their rhythmic song;
And at Thy word earth's empires come and go.

We nothing have, and nothing can we need,
That comes not from Thy treasure-house divine,
O Thou, Whose love is boundless as Thy store!
So, in our want, Thy plenitude we plead,
Thine is the kingdom, Lord: the Power is Thine,
Thine be the glory,--now, and evermore.