Our Father in Heaven (Sonnet 11)

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"But deliver us from evil."

FROM neither woe nor want, if want or woe
Thy wisdom, Father, to our share assigns,--
How much soe'er from each our fear declines,
Since we their stress, and our own weakness, know--
Ah, not from these deliver us! for, lo!
Thy favor through the rifts of sorrow shines,
And in Thy smile contentment's clinging vines
Around the poor man's humble cottage grow.

"Deliver us from evil;" and we add
No timid murmur, "Father, if Thou wilt,"
As when some earthly boon our doubts bespeak:
We breathe the bold petition, and are glad,
Since for this end Christ's precious blood was spilt,
And His dear cross assures the boon we seek.