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A Day to Cherish What You Mean to Me

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That happy day of love is here once more
When without but an ill-noticed labor
I'll show the path to my heart through its door
And ask but that you still show me favor
Years that have passed are scarce and yet fleeting
Our love is sure and I must see that you know
The joy I have found in the time since our meeting
And of the pleasure that tears at me so
I strive to be worthy of your strength now
It's right I take stock of all that I learn
In the future I won't need to ask how
My love for you will always seem to burn
And the children want us to tell them of
The simple continuity of love


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A year of love, made oft though yet unspent,
of warm and fervent kisses ever sweet,
long days and nights to passions pleasures lent
where joy and laughter most intensely meet.
To thee I am abandoned, and in kind
my heart and hand Ill ever freely give,
entrusting thy fidelity to find
in me the love required for thee to live.
In hundreds now are numbered all the nights
when two sincere "I love you's" were avowed.
I cherish all awaited new delights
and promises made silent or aloud.
To be more near to thee is my desire,
For of thy love I cannot ever tire.

To: A Friend

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Much like the season when the sky is gray
When bleak winds chill the soul and shake the mind
The winter's harshness my heart feels today
For like the winter's wind the world's unkind

All the people smile and bid "good morn"
But be not fooled by every honest face
Behind their laughing smile is loathing scorn
Deserving curse, desiring Heaven's grace

Then in these times, these moments of despair
When living life does not seem worth the pain
There comes a pleasant breath of pleasing air
The sun's sweet warmth dispels my mind's cold rain

For bitter thoughts come quickly to an end
When e'er I think of you my cherished friend


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'Tis raining as I, wretched, leave home mad,
Into the subway train, sad, dragging filth.
The train, and home, debark I for Riyadh.
My spattered mind, unkempt, at last is tilth.
Elves, dryads, centaurs, pixies, ogres, gnomes,
I meet, befriend, seize, tempt, lure and seduce.
Have friends and lovers I, stirred mind ease combs.
Tranquility sought, reached; something obtuse?
Warped, wicked wizards with ease I subdue.
Me, Cincinnatus, thrice did they beseech.
A crown, a sapphire diadem of blue.
I, Julius the Caesar, did not reach.
Awoke I, chained, on optic white, white bed;
The doctors, they say, "keep dreams in your head."


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