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"What is in my mind you may never know"back to top

What is in my mind you may never know
Flying through the air in tremendous fear
Trying to hold back the lonesome wet tear
I don't care about my un-pointed toe
I know my legs are not straight, so?
Hoping I land on a mat that is clear
I wonder if there is a coach close, near
I know I can stick this hard move, let's go
The end is coming I can feel it close
What is going to happen next I ask
I open my eyes to see what's coming
I know this is the hardest move I chose
Why did I attempt such a drastic task?
When I hit the floor it was quite stunning!


Three Blankets Deep back to top

In the morning I saw you radiate
Three blankets deep. All a glowing despite
Torrid snows adrift just outside your late,
Sleeping walls. I sat beside your bed. Light,
Diffused by cold, leaded glass, defying
Previous science that decrees sunshine
Is life and warmth, scurried away, eyeing
Your beaming beauty. And flawed by design
The sunbeams had withered, envious
Of sleep, of midnight, and languid morning
Clouds. Moon and sun devoid of luminous
Embrace retire their home adorning
The sky with distant stars and satellites
Set free of the darkness wrought by your light.


"If not the image, nor idea" back to top

If not the image, nor idea, nor in spite, my love,
How can I love you truly? I cannot,
For you - all vision, dream - elusive love,
Are all the like; are nothing, null, all-not.
And even in the worst become my love
By seeming nothing. Strange your beauty's brought
The best, so to behold, and yet this love
Is nothing, cannot be. For nothing bred
From nothing can not be, if naught be all.
Upon some phantom beauty my eyes fed -
The mirror image of a mirrored hall -
Betwixt sweet dreams all living seems but dead
And will not be revived - there lies the pall

Alive, and well ... and well, in love, I'm naught,
For my love lives to contradict my thought.


Torture back to top

I am a slave to this insanity
And now I fear my end is growing near
For all my life has been calamity
I know I need to get away from here
And every time I lay my head to sleep
The burdens from my weary day remains
Each night is and addition to the heap
The burdens are so hard to be retained
Each day does see to get much crazier
And I don't know which way I should turn
I wish my life could be much lazier
A little peace you'd think that I had earned
For if it were not for my wretched wife
I would possess serenity in life


Sonnet Sucks back to top

Writing a sonnet is something that sucks,
A waste of my time, how very useless
Its like burning a million bucks
That which seems to just as meaningless

It is immensely difficult to write,
Poems, Haikus, even a character sketch
Is work to be done that is very light
Its restricting, a sonnet which can not stretch

The over all format is very dumb,
Diamic pentameter, how junky.
Four, four four, two, fourteen all in the sum
Twists, turns are there, making it all chunky.

Writing sonnets may not be productive,
They are definitely expressive.


Love by the Willow back to top

My mouth so dry, I cannot think
My eyes are burning, cannot speak
My weeping willow branches weak
The branches like my heart will sink.
No one cares, for I am a freak
I need some help, pushed to the brink
Our love has been pushed to the peak
Naught else to do, I cannot think.

The leaves try hard so not to sag
What if we wait till love's breath fail?
Through cold the dirt my heart you drag
Atop your head a shattered vale
Yours truly, for you I will brag
My roots dig deep, I'm set to sail...

...with you.


Where Are You? back to top

So many times I've cleaned my tearing eyes
Waiting to see a single sight of you
My tender love remaining always true
Above it all, your lovely beauty lies.

I've waited so long to have my one clue
I'll search hard 'fore my withered body dies
You take your love, multiply it by two
You hear it now above my distant cries

You now spell the feeling l.o.v.e.
I love you with the expanse of my heart
You look inside and you try to see me
I wish to have a lucky brand new start
You then speak of love, and you start with "He..."
Pulled from my chest this precious painful dart...


The Bay back to top

So pretty is the water at the bay,
To see the blue waves sparkle in the light,
The little boys and girls come out to play,
The day's so lovely it is quite a sight.
The waves upon the water are deep blue,
The sand is cool while shaded by the trees,
Upon the beach a wee tot left her shoe,
The wind blows both upon the waves and leaves.
The castles made of sand cover the beach,
The fish swim in and out along the shore,
The children fill their hands with pebbles each,
And not one little hand could carry more.
The big blue moon calls out the day is done,
But I know that tomorrow soon will come.


A Rose back to top

Red, Loving something so perfectly true
Velvety sweetness, so soft to my touch
I give this rose only to my love, you
Could this be I love you, it is too much

Water this substance that gives this plant life
To me it seems crazy because it's nice
The thorns that I feel are sharp like a knife
This plant is so true it makes me think twice

To see the look on your beautiful face
My heart is jumping for your unique smile
I can't wait until the loving embrace
I did this for you it has been awhile

This rose means I will always be true
Now I know I'm falling in love with you


Sonnet 12 back to top

The storm came to me when I was asleep.
The thunder and the lightning woke me up.
The child was scared and she began to weep.
I could hear the rain dripping in the cup.
As it came down the rain covered the town.
The lightning flashed and took away the black.
The rain made the mud turn to a dark brown.
My dog was scared so he hid in the sack.
The next day the world looked a different way.
When I looked at the sky it looked so pure.
The storm was worse in the night than in the day.
It was over is what I was so sure.
The storm was over and out came the sun.
Now it's time to go out and have some fun.

Advice Given On Drama back to top

If you must speak of drama, disapproving,
Then why not walk this errant stage of life
Making such pleasing use of furious strife
To cheer an audience to its removing?
Why shirk acting? By taken role, you learn;
If life is but a masque, then seize the play!
Perform you well enough, and so you may
Cast costume off, to hear applause in turn.

But if theater you choose, rehearse with care
Above all skill, to keep clearly aware:
A play, as all the world, runs means to end;
Let acting not your dreams to others bend.
Beyond spectators, truest critic lies:
Insure that you know this, to win your prize.


Will You Be For Me back to top

You are going to be my lover and girlfriend,
In the club I send you roses and a cold drink,
To symbolize my love that will never end,
Instead of a thanks your pour the drink down the sink.

I ask you for your name and your number,
So we can get to know each other well,
You gave me a fake name like I'm a plumber,
And you told me that I smelled like a snail.

You tell me that so I can leave you alone,
But in true reality you know that I am fine,
So you need to stop plating games before I'm gone,
All I want is for you to be mine.

Will you be my love and the one for me?
So people can leave me and you alone to be.


Morbid Angel back to top

As I sit here all alone
alone in my very own mausoleum
I try to reach in for my sanity
that I may continue to face reality
in spite of the pain, anger and anguish I feel
I managed to control my dark side for real
burying it in the depths of my heart
wishing forever it will be apart
As I lamented in here
A strong aroma came near
A figure of a man embarked in the dark mist
coming closer and reach in for my fist
On that night he showed me light
light which will guide me in my flight


Pixie Sticks back to top

Empty promises in a shallow mind,
Nothing more than idealised lies.
Preconceived blinkers make love blind;
Fake. Lacking emotional ties.
Sugar coated dating rules force fed
By Media from wide-eyed girlhood.
The Shepard is not how the sheep are led.
'Love is all you need' utter falsehood.
However a relevation of truth equals pain,
To futilely strive for an impossive state.
Knowing, recognising and having the strain
To live an emotion that we but create.
So remember, in life as with this:
Knowledge is agony; Ignorance bliss.


God's and Goddesses back to top

The mighty Zeus with thunderbolts was king
The great Athena with wisdom and war
Hermes with the golden sandals with wings
Aphrodite with beauty love and more
The fighting god Ares, the god of wars
Hades the god who lives among the dead
Poseidon brings water upon the shores
Hera queen of all brings people to wed
The mighty gods and goddesses up high
Upon Mount Olympus above the sea
As they look down at all being and sigh
While they sit on their thrones and let us be
Never be rude and always be very kind
Do not forget them keep them in your mind


The Note back to top

Though trapped within this awful cage, I smile
And you come home believing I'm content.
You kiss my head and call me love, but while
You're gone I press the walls and scream and vent
My anger on myself. I pinch, I cut,
Bite, beat, berate myself not you
For piling up these bricks and chains that shut
Me in and freedom out. The panic grew
When legal bonds, an oath, a ring began
To weigh and choke and wipe me out, you knew
I'd drown, you held me down; and all I am
Submerged, suppressed, my hope escapes like air
Confined. At last I've taken all I can.
At last, my love, you'll find me everywhere.

[First time sonneteer!! All GENTLE criticism welcome!!]

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