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"Let our sweet sweet love carry us to heaven" back to top

Let our sweet sweet love carry us to heaven.
Have our undecided destiny be determined by fate.
The harmonious affecttion we have taken,
has made me want to wait.
Wait, for that indescribable perfect instant
or that most exotic romantic night.
Where togehter we can share a great moment,
when we finally accept that sacred marriage right.
After one beautifully wonderful year of matrimony,
a baby girl we did produce.
our lives which now have perfect harmony,
I almost always get to have to boost.
It's funny how love always finds a way.
How it always gives you the right words to say

True Love Revealed back to top

Now wear barege, my love, and covet silk.
That you, barefaced, may lie beneath my sheets.
Have drinks and feast on dainty tarts, and milk,
And ever talk of love, though nothing speak.
For love lies unconcealed when it is false -
Desiring one to fill it with the need -
Love never hides its face, though someone else
May share it, make it two, and on it feed.
Its strength lies deep in silence, under moans,
And fades in brazen eyes, so do you mark
How many stormy nights unseated thrones,
And washed away whole cities, by the dark.

So I say wear my heart upon your skin -
You cover naught, when all doth lie within.


8th Grade Graduation back to top

As our graduation day is approaching
Many mixed feelings are running through our head
We band together to help each other with the coping
Keeping in mind everything everyone has said

Holding tight to the memories that we share
Waiting and hoping of things that may come
Sometimes it seems like we shouldn't even care
Wondering why things just work out for some

Some people always seem to get the break
While the rest of us have to work at it
I guess life gives us what we have to take
And we take it because that's all we get

In the end we'll all have our judgement day
And that will be all that we have to say


Dead back to top

As I lay here on the ground looking at the stars
I wonder why God made so many
I felt trapped like in a cage with bars
They are so bright and shinny like a new penny

My dreams float away at night
As the ocean waves crash against the bay
I have the strength to fight with all my might
The future ahead came clear as day

My day has come to show what I've done
As they look in my coffin and acknowledge me as dead
They are sadden, for I had not won
My last few breaths were taken in the hospital bed

Now I see from above to the ground
That I was not the one bound.


"Soccer is the game for me" back to top

Soccer is the game for me,
It makes me feel real good indeed.
I go to practice everyday,
and learn all about the moves and plays.
I know I am the very best
the game of soccer never rests.
The game last all year round,
In every city, state and town.
It doesn't matter where we play,
The game goes along all day.
We try our best, we practice hard,
for forever, until I'm a retard.
and we will forever more.


Rollin' in My Dreams back to top

I am tossing and turning in a dream
All while slowly floating in purity
I have left behind all maturity
Dancing on a bridge that's over a stream
All the while eating freezing peach ice cream
Who is this I see?... It's security
The reason unknown from obscurity

Here comes the slowly rising morning sun
I saw it passing by while on its way
Soon upon us the answer is coming
This night of craziness now nearly done
All of the antics and grief far away
To this morning wake I'm now succumbing


Breezes back to top

An unseen force that shakes the leaves
A cold breath of air on my face
It tousles my hair but I am not peeved
This force is light or strong in many ways.
This breeze can turn from that, a breeze on a hot day
Into a hurricane, tornado, or a gale
It can blow off a person's hat, they say
Or can be destructive to a house; it is anything but frail.
It may blow me but I will not break
I stand tall like a tree, and strong like a river dam
The lightest breezes I can take
Or even the above-mentioned gale; strong is what I am.
Now the breeze feels cool on my skin
I love the breeze and it is not a sin.


"From a place where crack price goes up and down" back to top

From a place where crack price goes up and down.
Street corners, corner stores, local malls where we hang.
Where chrome meets chrome platinum albums new sounds.
Ha Bra, What's Up Dog, Cat, Woo-die all slang.

I have seen gangs in all colors in news.
Cars flying switching colors like rainbows.
D-Bo laced people with haircuts while blues.
At night street lights, stop signs, bike reflect glow.

People sleeping others awoke burn black smoke.
Images of drive-by's dead homicide.
My ghetto not a joke crack coke all choke.
Thugs, hustlers, dope deals, red green pills hope dies.

The focus is sonnets meets the culture rap,
Trying to express my heart before trap.


Requital back to top

When all your gracious beauty has been spent
And those who once turned towards you turn away
Deep lines and shadows have times' passing lent
To a face once brighter than any day,
Then you will find yourself outcast, alone
With no one left near you to sing your praise
Where flowers grew there will be only stone
And darkness will watch over all your days.
You shall recall the love I always gave
And wonder how you could have let it go
But that love now lies deep within the grave
Never again the light of life to know.

Then in your torment you will call my name
And for the silence there you are to blame.


Moods of a Slave Boy back to top

A lonely longing fills the endless days,
Of one whose mistress far away is gone.
No pool of eye for him is there to gaze.
No skin so smooth to float his fingers on;
No lips of berry balm his tongue to taste,
Nor neck exposed to linger there a while.
He yearns for her - return to him with haste!
In serving her, his pleasure doth derive.
Yet suddenly a joyous thought; What brings
This change of mood the sorrow to replace?
A song with sweet refrain his soul doth sing.
The lady, angel, soon shall he embrace.
Yet how? (He thinks) What knowledge be his proof?
A rendezvous with coochie-pop, say "woof"


Kayla's Kiss back to top

When Kayla smiled, my knees grew weak
She touched my hand, I could not speak
Her pretty face and heart so tender
most pleasing of the fairer gender
We talked, played cards, became close friends
We shared our thoughts on latest trends
Good Byes' at night became much harder
Our passions grew with flaming ardor
The day arrived, we finally kissed
caressing lips and loving embrace
Even in public, 'twas no disgrace
the flying sparks could not be missed
Poets say "some lips are sweet as wine"
Oh Lucky Me! her lips kiss mine!


Friday, March 17, 2000, 4:09 back to top

There's nothing more I'd love than to make love
All of your time, as if I were your girl
Or your small child, whose hair with darkest curls
You run your fingers through, as if you wove
My essence with your touch. For me to prove
My love for you I only have to whirl
Into a dance of ecstasy, and swirl
Beneath your fingertips barely above
My own. If your eyes were to light on mine
This world would be a trampoline to send
Me into universes you have made
Divine. I wonder what sound that is outside
And call your name. I find it is the rain
Roaring past my heart to make your flowers shine.


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