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How to take a life

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Hope alone would have not guided me to this day
If she knew to be overwhelmed by doubtfullness.
Now would she be here tonight to see me regress
Or despair at all that brought me to where i lay.

Yet it is often that I see you in my dreams,
The same illusions that you will later destroy,
In which perhaps I welcome you with too much joy
And surround myself with a silence full of screams.

Now here I am where you live with my desire,
Which you are and of which I will never tire,
Although I know you not but for what I await.

I will soon find my expectations betrayed
By my own self who only saw the you I made
And was left with another illusion to hate.

Life Most Grand

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Oh, regal life, what art thou void of God
Who gives us life; whose purpose goads thy fame,
What mighty, perfect scepter be thy rod,
What kindled jewel be thy eternal flame?
Oh, precious life exquisite in thyself
Where be thy wonderous art that rules decay,
Where lies thy endless spring of holy pelf,
Where shows thy earthly garb that does not fray?
Oh, exalted self-- progeny of pride--
Where shines thy crown of light that fails to dim,
And where in heaven does thy throne reside
With blessed cherub and winged seraphim?
Oh, life most grand, shall pride be thy console
When thou accounts to Him with barren soul?

Sonnet 2

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The want to love, without the fear within,
That blocks the path as I make out my way,
Without confirmation, my love's but a sin,
I know what I want but not what to say:
If you could love me then I must win it,
O the prize the glory, my mission complete,
I think you mine, by writing this sonnet,
Instead I write while facing defeat:
Words chosen swiftly, however I trust,
That you'll use your heart to see what I mean,
I'll never have you but have you I must,
My love's in a shadow, not to be seen:
One O so tactful he loses all tact,
The odds are against, the tables are stacked.

Special Friend

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The doors are shut and all the lights are out.
Leaving me to never love, once again.
Talking to no one, especially not men.
Letting no one in. My heart is in doubt,
Often feeling I'm in the need to shout.
My heart now lies in the hands of a friend.

This new friend is very special indeed.
Telling me things I can hardly believe.
The lights are slowly turning on for me.
A question soon appears...How could this be?
The hole, once in my heart, no longer bleeds.
I can't believe the love I can achieve.
At once saying, "me" is now often "we."
Special friend, thanks for answering my plea.

"Poor sole the center of my ragged shoe"

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Poor sole the center of my ragged shoe
With ragged laces that thee excoriate,
Why drag they so, their pity's work to do,
And snag on nails, their heads to decorate?
Why so large the bill for such short form?
Do I upon collapsing fabrics spend?
Shall rough wet winds disrupt the lining torn
Upon the walk? Is this my footwork's end?
Then shoe wear out by thine own living air,
Slip them the tongue, imponderable wasps,
Have holes divine and let your head not care
That bad weather has drowned you out your costs.

So shalt you shoe be dead before you're wrecked;
My hand's the blade that kills you when you're picked.


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Because it seemed to some that he was slow,
Or smiled too much at many simple things,
One might have thought him dumb. It was not so.
The way one waits for what the mailman brings,
We listened for his step and watched that door
That said his overcoated form was back
From where he went when we were five and four.
We saw that he had more than just a knack
For lifting us aloft or playing horse.
Both broad of back and smarter than a whip,
My father never took a college course.
And yet I learned his learning was my light
By kissing, like a bird who bent to sip,
The stubbled cheek he'd turn to me each night.

The School Age

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Welcome to this school full of teenagers,
this place contains educated teachers.
With the smarts they get they will get majors,
but kids complain and say they're just creatures.
Throughout life we listened to others talk,
if you make it out of school you're wiser.
In this new age you learn without the chalk,
but with computers it is quite better.
Instead of losing notes you'll have a disk,
as the kids grow up and so does the school.
Both prepare for the future without risks,
computer minds added keep the school cool.
so you can say the more you learn in school,
the better you can help improve from fools.

Forever Young

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Why the fuss of looking so much younger,
Trying to break free from facts like fate?
Everybody knows we are TimeÁs jester,
And master - servant canÁt negotiate.
So why all this? How can it be an outrage?
But lucky are those youths whom death has hit.
For they, being not yet captured by old age,
By dying, will not ever reach it.

I tell you this - take joy in every breath,
Delight in every moment that is bliss.
Care no more for life, and think of this -
Eternal youth is only gained by death.
And life, to whom those vanities have clung,
Defeats the aim, to stay forever young.


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Like amber waves upon a flaxen shore,
Strands of sunrays upon her cheeks do lie.
Beyond her tresses gold, still searching more;
Drowning emeralds, hide beneath her eye.

Shall I speak of her sanguine lips, from where
Melodious notes soon soar near heaven's gate.
And her smile - to which I've seen no compare;
Her laughter bold, from that I love to hate.

A pygmy ear behind those waves I see,
Another round the rear, fine pairs they make.
And to thine heart, I've not yet found the key,
Ah well, perhaps it's not for me to take.

But who's to say I still can not admire
The still, sensuous love I still desire.


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I never knew true love until you came
Sorrows and troubles and many others
It made my life one big lonely domain
Then one day we become happy lovers

Your soft tan skin and loving eyes of blue
Make me smile and laugh for you Ťthe oneÓ
Never knowing how long it will be true
But never wishing that we will be done

I ask of you a favor of forever
A favor of two in matrimony
A favor of love friendship and honor
I ask of you to commit to love me

We will be together in untouched love
We will be even in heaven above

The Men in My Life

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The men in my life haven't impressed me
There are three kinds of men who come my way
First was my father who I no longer see
Next is my brother who never wants to stay
Then all the rest who want me for their use
When I want to be held, I want too much
Their teasing words can be verbal abuse
They believe my sign says "Look but don't touch."

I know I'm not a victim anymore
I won't be used; I won't beg them to stay
I won't be there when they knock at my door
Men must learn it's my way or the highway
There's got to be another kind of man
One that loves me and is my biggest fan.

"Who will stand with me in the house of love"

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Will I stand alone and watch the sun set
Will birds fly across the sky from above
Who is that stranger that I feel I've met?
In a dream I waited impatiently still
As I watched for those who would come for me
Burning embers of love have topped the hill
As I strain to watch I still cannot see.

My heart is pounding like a large bass drum
Soon I shall see your happy smiling face
As the music fades into a quiet hum...
And the golden sunlight fills all this space
Peace has come to this quiet little town
And a smile has replaced this forgotten frown.


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Like black and white marching on the squared field
One move affects the battle of the hearts:
If black advances then white produces shield
Or gives a carefully considered yield.
Upright, untouching pieces play their parts
Acting to find the cause of affection.
When cause is discovered a piece departs
And somewhere else a bold new battle starts.
Two can't play when they move for protection
Or when their intent is the other kneeled.
From each other's moves, player's direction
Must come for unity and its detection.
When players know their passion's source and feeling's aim
Then two can laugh as they together play the game.

You told me you loved me, I believed you

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You told me you loved me, I believed you
I have always wanted you to love me
I believed you when you said you'd be true
I wasn't what you wanted me to be
"Maybe another time, another day"
I'm lost without you, you left me for her
I'll still love you, with these games that you play
I'll love you though it's not me you prefer
It would be for you if I had one wish
Best friend I wanted, it was you I met
It was from you I recieved my first kiss
But my friends tell me you play hard to get
When I need a friend, its you I will call
I'm waiting for you, prepared for downfall

Sandy (our dog)

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Grieving, I miss his solid animal mass
His comforting presence is an absence now
And each room expresses its own emptiness.
The quietude of the bare-boarded hallway
Where the click-click-clock of his toe-nails coming
Meant simply that dinner was running behind;
And the scrape-scrape-scrape of the carpet, grinding,
Led us to believe in an animal mind.
His face was a mirror of deep consciousness
where two alert ears were tuned to life's events
And two paws running during dreaming's silence
Were only waiting for the day to commence.
His life could not be extended forever;
He rests in peace like a quiet achiever.

Ethereal Sonnet

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From what master's hand is she of steeled
O' gentle moon, what image in you lies
For your soft reflection to reveal
Radiant beauty to delight my eyes

Her smile sings to me with comet's spark
Evokes a symphony of sweet discord
Wantonly plucked on the strings of my heart
This rhapsody of celestial accord

Resounds through the heavens and in my mind
Enticing planets to dance and to sing
With such unbridled glee that Mars does pine
For the love of Venus, to be her king

Angelic moon the stars do envy thee
I am but a slave to your memory.

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