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Remember Me

I look around and see the tree moving,
I see the bright, white, light around the bend,
And someone seems to keep my boat rowing,
I know life's darkness is quite soon to end.

I am not afraid, although there is much
To fear. Am falling, but I have to rise.
With just one look my heart was in your clutch.
To be with you, I will pay any price.

I know it's a rough road, and I might fall,
You will always be with me, in my heart,
I was about to give up, till your call,
Hated it, but you were playing your part.

I promise my love is never ending,
Remember me, I ask for just one thing.

Everydayback to top

Today's a day like any other day
Tomorrow will be a day like one b'fore
Each is the same, day in day out - no play
Or fray can relieve this eternal bore
The constant droning of masters talking
Sends the list'ner into throes of slumber
Endless days of continual walking
Monot'nous, yet terrible as thunder
Still, is the morrow the same as today?
When the sun falls down five days past Monday
That glorious day called Saturday arising,
Giving birth to a weekend of two days
Two days of forgetting all understanding!
For the days of weekend, sleeping in drool
I strive to survive the terror of school.

Hollowback to top

Rain, falling down the glass, as the tale tells
What could have made this sad soul cry so much?
Are they crying for me or someone else?
For there is no one there to give me that touch
What are the teardrops trying to tell me?
Are they out of pity or of sorrow?
Only want to keep me from being free
They win! and those saltly tears I may borrow
I lose again, like any other time
Giving up, giving in: my normal life
I play out my emotions like a mime
I can no longer deal with all this strife
Through all these words I have one confession
You are the main source of my depression


With Morning Comes back to top

Morning cups me in her palms
Blows back a loose strand of dream
Applies to my lips an awakening balm
Yet, what greets me is a blood red stream
It throbs in fear and boils in hate
Underground currents spread beneath street
Nature moans in a horrid state
Much like the lamb does bleat, bleat, bleat
Brown sky, once you were blue
I splash wildly through blood
Old man, old woman, once we honored you
This is not Noah's flood
Morning, I continue to love
I will fight to keep my head above


We are the evening back to top

I remembered you from a while ago
How we would laugh and always be happy
You are still the same way but I'm not, so
If you can change me back, make it snappy

I knew you could do it, make me better
It is like you are a ray of sunshine
It's precisely why I wrote this letter
I'm selfish, I want the sun to be mine

But you are so much to so many things
To take you away from them is sour
Alone you are perfect, the light it brings
Supplying the world with your solar power

It is like you are there and I am here
I want to be there, but we are still near


Love's Pain back to top

Love can make you feel so weird and crazy
When you see them near, your heart might be fast
Everything might seem so dark and hazy,
But you want this feeling to stay and last
Their eyes are like the clear, blue ocean wave
You get lost in their words and slowly melt
It can be an obsession or a crave
It's like something you have never felt
Everyone needs someone to love and hold
Even if that love leads to hurt and pain
Sometimes we all have to be strong or bold
'Cause life without love is like endless rain
Drowning all our loneliness and sorrow
But don't worry, there's always tomorrow


Road Kill back to top

There is roadkill on the roadway, why swerve
So I am going to run it over
Therefore if I run it over don't matter
Should I slow and take it gently, no don't
To hit dead animals because it is dead
Maybe if I cared, why should I feel bad?
I would be a warm blooded mammal, yeah

Or make the animal scared, no it's dead
Isn't it a cruel, cruel world
But why feel pity, on a dead rodent
To hit or not to hit, that is the question
So kill the killed some more? That would be a bore!
Makes absolutely know sense, not one bit!
Move it out the way so I can drive now.


The Sonneteers Draft back to top

Reading from our thirteen lines, despair
Held away (only just), our lash-red brains gulped
and vomited barrel-bottom-scraped brews
of a woken and crotchety muse.

Shard of thought clashed with shard. All that we knew
Was the hole in our schema. We threw forth fronds
Cutlets of language, re-searched for a tune
Wrestled with senses and Sense, heedless, pulped

twenty copies of Figaro, slaughtered
the fatted calf, sold premium bonds
and woke on a Thursday, freshly daughtered,
Resolved as a lemma, clean as the moon.

Did we know what'd lolloped away? Did we care?
The fourteenth line'd arrived: we were there.


Pass on the Pies back to top

Bathing suit season has come far too fast.
Just yester' was the feast of Thanksgiving
when stove-top bounty and seconds were passed
and I filled my plate with no misgiving.

The time has now come to shed winter's dress
and don underwear-shaped lycra fashions
that hide nothing, least of all, my distress
from saying "yes!" to oversized rations.

As you cannot stop the passage of days,
summer's approach is inevitable.
I wish I'd run 'stead of feigning malaise.
I wish chocolate was inedible.

So take it from me, a word to the wise,
next year start early and pass on the pies!


To The Wind back to top

The wind blows free, but you and me,
We are captives, bound by a force
Mightier than stone, field, or tree:
Gravity determines our course.
Within the confines of the earth,
We may go wand'ring as we please;
Our minds may conceive and bring forth
Flights of fancy, winged fantasies,
Divorced of flesh and wed to naught,
With no authority to say
Nay, ye have transcended what ought
Be thought or tried by mortal clay.
Fettered by our humanity,
A faint breeze is cause for envy.


Origin of our Love back to top

The day we met opened my soul for life
You flooded me with happiness and joy
Our friendship grew and soon became so rife
The road to love was found to be a ploy
My love for you is even deeper now
With every moment written in the stars
I promise you that I will seize my vows
And never leave my love for you afar
Our life, our world, and all that does make sense
Will form the journey you and I will make
The years to come look hopeful and intense
Our love is true therefore it will not break
The beauty you possess is like an art
Forever Lauri, you are in my heart


L'Albaback to top

Da dietro gl'alti monti l'occhio acceso
d'Apollo sorge cauto ed a Selene
bisbiglia di lasciargli presto il passo,
ché possa rimirar colei che tiene

di uomini e immortali 'l core teso:
ed ecco ch'al tuo letto un raggio viene,
carezza sì quel volto ch'a me, lasso,
é causa di sospiri e molte pene.

Ma tu che dormi ancora spensierata,
ah quanto invece me hai fatto insonne!
In vita mia soltanto ho disiata

te splendida fra tutte l'altre donne,
o pura da semblar immacolata,
creatura di virtù ricolma d'onne!

To Thine Own Self back to top

Deepest chamber of my hearts' secret path,
Apparent vista to unblemished source,
Seeming constant memory of times past,
Recurrent need to choose one's only course.
To know but one and only choice: be free.
Lose limit, the worthless tool of my art,
Find there waiting, the masterpiece to be,
By your hand, unseen sculptor of my heart.
This gift of yours is solely here to share,
For all that listen for the tone of truth,
And tread this path of hearing, if they dare,
To witness wisdom in their actions proof.
Born of solemn oath, and stature mounting,
To thine own Self, mine own Self-counting.


"The melodies that fall upon my ears"back to top

The melodies that fall upon my ears,
From manmade sources or from natural,
Like no other art form dispel my fears,
That as life's a dream, death is actual.

I fret that as in dreams the colours bright,
Deep pools of unnatural clarity,
Fade to still grey spectres in the night,
Once dreamt songs will die in reality.

Will I wake from life all my senses numb?
No music to disperse my haunting fears,
Paralysed in silent death, tongue struck dumb?
My mute screams could not be heard with lost ears.

I wish the pulsing beat that's in my head,
I could at least retain when I am dead.


Life that Counts back to top

Our time on earth is far to short,
So how do we make it count?
By being a new age thinker of sorts,
Or as a hope spreading fount?
We live to die, we die to live,
In a world where saints do lie,
If on earth we live to give,
Perhaps we'll receive when we die.
And I but in my youthful age,
Am supple and strong with health,
We should enjoy this short-lived stage,
'For entering the world of self.
But need we all be so self obsessed?
It should not be so, loving is best.


A Whimsical Fancy back to top

Imagine now that I should someday hold
in my hand hers, an orderly array
of fingers crossed and gentle thoughts untold;
with patience they have age enough to say.

Some simple quiet I would treasure much:
those souls of hers and mine it might infuse
and temper softly with the tender touch
of breezes crisp and fading crimson hues.

Elation, weave your way into my eyes;
abide there, never wanting or in need,
for she must see the fabric you comprise,
Betraying that her presence has you freed.

There is a one who makes these notions true;
her time and mine for meeting soon is due.


"Welcome to the school full of teenagers" back to top

Welcome to the school full of teenagers,
the highschool has some very smart teachers.
With the smarts they get they will get majors,
but kids complain and say they're just creatures.
in our life we listened to others talk,
if you make it out of school you're wiser.
In this cool age you learn without da chalk,
but with computers it is much better.
Instead of losing stuff you'll have a disk,
as we all grow up and so does the school.
we all prepare for future without risks,
the computers added keep the school cool.
now you can see the more you learn in school,
the more quicker you can stop being fools.


Brave back to top

When we were together I was happy
You could make me laugh and make me smile
I'm sorry this happened, I feel crappy
At least we had everything for a while

You were untruthful and we had to part.
Relationships ending with many lies.
You ended up breaking all of my heart.
I will miss your smile and those big blue eyes.

Saying good-bye was one of my worst fears.
It's hard to move on but I'll be alright.
Someday they'll stop coming, all of those tears.
I will move forward and get back my sight.

You said you were sorry and I forgave.
But I need to move on and be real brave.


Snow Falling On Cedars back to top

Young Love

Snow was falling on that cold winter day
I sensed no joy for my heart was empty
The sky grew dark with no glimmer of ray
Lost was I to a sweet dream memory
In those happy days you and I were friends
Running joyfully, playing on the beach
Walking in the woods, tightly holding hands
Bonded by the love that grew out to reach
It was your soft lips I first ever kissed
In a moment that felt like forever
It was your sweet smile I have always missed
And waited for its appearance somewhere
Girl of my dream, joy from my precious past
My feelings for you would forever last

Painful Love

I remember the day you came to me
Looking distressed, your smile showed much sadness
You were in tears, for you could not then see
Why our nations chose aggressiveness
Wanting to comfort I did embrace you
Under a cedar tree one bliss we shared
And with much love I gently entered through
Knowing it was fate which had made us paired
When you were far away love lingered on
Even after your tear-stained letter came
Painfully beseeching me to go on
And forget you who could not be my dame
Yes, my love for you never really died
Though to someone else you have now been tied

Gentle Love

A flicker of hope dawned in my sad soul
Accused of murder your man faced the law
Withholding some proof I could now play foul
That we might both resume our childhood vow
But you looked so sad that I would not dare
To see more pain in your pleasant face
That you were happy was all I should care
For the sake of love and its precious grace
When my new evidence set your man free
With misery I saw you overjoyed
Then what I once asked you now gave to me
That final embrace you wanted to avoid
Softly you spoke like you did in the past
'I am so grateful for your gentle heart'

Based on the film "Snow Falling On Cedars"


Cornbread Sonnet back to top

Thou makest such an aromatic crackling;
Comingled meal and egg and milk and heat.
What Mayan Prince while trembling priests attend
Had such a feast of Holy Mother Maise?

And I gain a simple satisfaction
From knowing that new-fangled cookware pales
When met head to head with seasoned iron,
New fangled cookware cornbread making fails.

I pen words in praise of simple pleasure
thats gained by putting all the parts to measure.
Then measured parts are beckoned by the heat;
Transformed to cornbread sharing plate with meat.
Then cornbread joined with what the churn doth get
has reached perfection and needs now be et.


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