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Sonnet to the Poesyback to top

I hear the soft murmur of Calliope spoken,
in my anxious life to my deaf ears,
with a thousand pieces of the silence she has broken
for the birth of the words throughout my years.

Oh! seductive goddess, oh! beautiful woman,
permanent and voluptuous presence you are in me.
Eternal flame, I am only human,
finding for you the poet I want to be.

Raise me to the highest point of the pain
where the divine sounds you hear clear,
and a passionate effort, is not insane,

found the unique, the best to bring:
for the spoken words to be near
everybody, in ecstasy, for you to sing.


The Sights of the Seaback to top

The sea lapped its waves on the sandy shore,
And showed us a glimpse of hope far and wide,
I saw the first waves and the rising tide,
The sand glistened under the waves' sweep:
A light out of darkness of the deep,
A sight miraculously multiplied,
It captivated the hopes of my mind,
Holding me in a hypnotic type sleep.
Light comes to us at times, from the unknown,
Non-understandable visions of being,
The rushing of the sun-waves of the soul:
And expectations that we deem our own,
Keeping our happiness from escaping
Or things beyond our belief or console.


What The Future May Hold back to top

The moon is bright and the breeze is flowing.
Sitting by the still lake, under the tree
The two of us are, together, dreaming
Of what, in the near future, will we be?
Thinking of what we'll become makes us more
conscious of what we will accomplish now.
worried, anxious, scared of what is in store,
afraid to commit and to make a vow!
Yet, after realizing all these things,
we reached an understanding that we should
not give up, whatever it brings,
and do anything we believe we could.
As long as we continue and stay true,
in the end, our lives wouldn't turn to blue.


Dreams back to top

I wonder if I'll ever be someone,
If so I need to learn to do my best.
I need to learn to get my work all done,
To do this I will need all of my rest.
I also need to push my self so far.
I need the help of those of whom I'm with.
One thing I'd like to do is buy a car.
Getting all you want is just a myth.
If I don't succeed in life, what to do,
My parents will be mad and I'll be sad.
What if I become rich out of the blue
Everyone around me would be so glad.
Lets hope this happens so all will be good.
From now on I will do all I should.


When a world is suddenly altered back to top

(September 11, 2001)

When sonic roar did splash the room aflame
and furling plumes against a body slapped,
did waving, screaming curses still the shame --
a wreck of life against the sky entrapped?

Does fear explode the quiet from an ear?
Does hatred drive the office to survive?
And when we finally drag our bodies clear,
does Evil dwell where kindness did preside?

A message bomb of grave ambition lain
against a structure, feared as it was brash.
Will blindness blot the priceless sight we gained,
or dare repeat a quantity of ash?

When Spirit wrestles from encrusted skin,
it chews the pain and sprouts a pair of wings.

... may wisdom and love prevail
... may humanity be united


Sonnet 5 back to top

Last night I dream'd that thou had'st need of me,
And fain I would that I could be your aid,
But I was trapp'd, I could not go to thee,
And unseen trials in my path were laid.
So when I woke, I hurtled down the steps,
And to your voice commended all my words,
Your comfort offer'd light unto the depths,
And took the point of worry off my swords.
So back into my bed my body crawl'd
While soul took flight to city by the sea
And rested, betwixt bone and bedframe sprawl'd,
In hallow'd insides, curl'd up within thee.
When thou hast need be sure I'm ne'er so far
That I'll not give thee love where'er thou are.


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