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Addicted to you back to top

The taste of your sweet kiss, which lingers on
My lips, just makes it harder when we part.
You stay for but a moment, then you're gone.
And dark despair comes clutching at my heart.

Your body, smooth and fair, conceals within
A vicious bite, for you'll be no man's slave!
And woe to any man who's ever been
Abusive of the joy you freely gave.

But still, I cannot stay away from you,
For happiness with you is guaranteed.
Called porter, lager, stout, or simply brew -
Your every incarnation fills my need.

And though you nearly ruined my career,
I can't deny the sweet embrace of beer.


Shadows of the Sun back to top

As I looked out the stained glass window pane,
I saw the sun, so big and bright and round.
On the window it left a yellow stain,
And it's light was reflected all around.

Shadows were cast upon all of the walls,
It was a very abstract work of art.
A rose's shadow was so very tall,
That it alone reached out and touched my heart.

As the day drew very near to it's end,
The shadows disappeared into thin air.
But in the morning the shadows will mend,
And once again be so lovely and fair.

As I looked out the stained glass window pane,
I saw where the sun left a yellow stain.

Grey Skies back to top

The world keeps spinning outside of my reach.
My sky is dark, grey, and sad. But why so?
The air I breathe seems dreaded as I go.
My thoughts are laying gently on a beach.
Instead I lay on cement. Sick and sad.
The toxin I consume will bring me death.
I constantly wonder is this my last breath.
I am full of apathy and seen daily as bad.
So why live a life when everyone hates you?
My true and only love is tasty yet deadly.
The only one I find myself confiding in.
Depression is an oppression but I get through.
Many times a day I take a drink heavily.
A grey sky on a cement floor. My end.


Summer Time For Me back to top

Summer is a time to laugh and play.
To sit and relax as the day goes on.
I like to play with friends during the day,
And at night go home and sit on the front lawn.
I don't like school because of all the work.
It drives me to the point of craziness.
Sometimes I come home and my brain just hurts.
So in the summer I get the laziest.
That's why I'm so glad for summer time.
All my cares just blow right away.
The grass is green as a freshly squeezed lime.
For that I wish summer was today.
I'm glad that summer is just about to start.
Because I yearn for it inside my heart.

"My love for you is true..." back to top

My love for you is true, yes this I know
Whenever together, I yearn for you more
My feelings for you will forever grow
Cuz your smile, love, & touch I do adore

Your face is the thing that brightens my day
Your expressions are so sweet and so true
Your voice & touch help in a calming way
I melt at the way you say 'I love you'

In all of my dreams, together we'll be
You & me, together we'll be forever
Then I realize, this is reality
Everything that was, is now such a blur

My love for you, is true, yes this I know
But in real life, love is only a show


Damned back to top

Depression everlasting in this Hell
I'll never see the light of day from here.
To Satan is who my soul I did sell.
Now I_ banished to live my greatest fear.
Disgusted with my need for worldly gain.
Corrupted by a corporate state of mind.
I see the error now amidst my pain.
Total degradation of humankind.
Oh how I wish to redeem myself now.
I reach out but my father knows me not.
Never-ending damnation, breaking down.
I do deserve the sentence I have got.
Resist the seven, let thy soul be free,
Or spend eternity right next to me!


Love Through the Darkness back to top

Every night the sun goes down on my soul
For then my love is nowhere to be found.
As if the darkness comes from my hearts hole
Pains all I feel when my loves not around.
In the darkness I can't hide from my fear
Because loneliness calls out to my ears.
So as I long for my love to be near
Fate laughs at my pain and brings me to tears.

Yet in the darkness hope remains present
As the thought of my love will get me through.
When the blackest night makes its quick descent
Darkness seems to thick for love to get through

Yet light will soon come and there love will be
Waiting with happiness to comfort me


The Raccoon back to top

A ball of fur was on my window sill
Where nothing had been the morning before.
My look revealed a raccoon sleeping still.
Noon it was, but I thought I heard him snore.

In the heart of Vancouver a raccoon,
Thought I, is, indeed, a surprising sight.
Then the creature woke up from his swoon
And stared at me - disturber of his night!

Slowly, I stepped back to put him at ease.
After a few minutes, he again slept.
Then, another came to nuzzle his fleece
Thus wakened, the raccoon and his mate left.

As man cuts down the forests that remain
Shouldn't the raccoon enter our domain?


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