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In But One Moment...

In but one moment I could lose it all-
His voice, his comfort, his eyes and that hair!
That which I've memorized with every stare.
Every second counts as I do stall,
To inhale the air before I must fall.
The passions are deeper than I can bear,
Yet time will steal everything however fair.
And my heart will keep longing, his love it will call.
So why should one love, knowing of its end?
Beautiful happiness is worth every pain.
No depiction of love could ever tell why
Love is as powerful as I here defend.
Worth all the aches, suffer I would again-
To absorb all that I may before "goodbye."


Time To Say Goodbye

To a part of me I have to say goodbye
And a new beginning I have to start
To keep my life on track and reach for the sky,
I cannot change the feelings in my heart,

But to chase for those inconceivable thoughts,
The first thing I have to do is just say goodbye,
Leaving everything behind to a new start is a threat
To me, but the more I live, the more life will reply,

I know now, and life is no longer a vague impression,
I know my faults, but I know where to go,
I have said goodbye with all my confessions,
All I see ahead is a wondrous glow,

My long gone feelings are no longer despair,
This new beginning feels like I can breathe new air.


Ending Passion back to top

That I could rid the world of riffling passion,
Be not its agitant, and quit this world,
Is my sincerest plea; that I might fashion
Vision, sans the verist, eyes unburled
Of understanding, the veriest veridic
Moment-in-the-man, sans everything.
To squeeze this chakra in my fist and cut
The skin of singeing passion with the blade;
To bleed the universe and close it shut
Within the orb that passion made,
And feel the space fall out, would it could bring
An end to endless longing, so I would.

That I could do, if I could not desire,
But therein flares a flame that cannot tire.


Petrarchian Sonnet back to top

I challenged Poets but to God did pray
To give a vision of His holy plan,
For Virgil, and his goddesses, and man,
Who might have razed Olympus in a day.
Where lay our Destiny, the rightful way,
Did priest or poet preach the god of Man?
Was it through Calvary time's river ran,
Or from the ancient dales of Arcady?

And soft to Earth the answering angel came,
Whether my poetry or prayer did spawn it,
She was my love and Laura was her name,
The world was blessed she chose to walk upon it.
Yet I, Eponymous, for all my fame,
She would have none of me but this, my sonnet!


America back to top

There is a place in the world
Where people live happy and with grace
People on this land are twirled
Because it is a very unique place.

People come here from anywhere
And they give their lives for equality
It is the greatest country from where
Your dreams and hopes become reality.

Liberty and freedom were planted
And I feel myself very lucky
I don't want to take for granted
That I am part of this great country

This nation is in the continent of North America
It is called, The United States of America


Working on Cars back to top

Working on cars is very much a bore
Keeping track of tools is to hard to do
Sometimes you have to mark a spot to bore
Never remember what spot to do so

Fixing car engines is never to fun
Need to remember which parts to go where
It is never fun to work in the sun
It is better when shade is everywhere

When working on a car always know how
Cause if you don't you may lose some small parts
If anyone here knows please show me how
Fixing cars deals with to many small parts

Never count on me to fix a car right
Cause it takes me all afternoon and night


Life back to top

Life is a strange long roller coaster ride,
You choose the way to live your gift,
It can be misery or be your pride,
The reward you have received will lift.
It will end soon, everything alike;
The reward is not to be left fallow,
It will be used to the max of delight,
It turns out to be what road you follow.
Odd things will happen when time comes and goes,
My life has turned out to what I have hoped,
But still, there is a short, steep and dull slope,
I face gauntlets, with a heart of roses
I do not run from fights, or break the codes;
But life is what you make it, your own road.


B-ball back to top

I play b-ball and I will school you all
People beware for my crossover kills
I am so smooth and I cruise till nightfall
When I go by all you hear is shrills
I go between my legs and hit the J
When I'm on the court I am in control
But I also can hit the fade-a-way
All these moves I make bring in a paycheck
Once the ball does up, the world stops for now
With all the fanatics cheering for me
People driving the lane I don't allow
I can only hope I don't hurt my knee
This is my dream, come and watch me succeed
I do it for fun, I do it for me


My Softball Season back to top

My softball season is over,
It makes me want to cry.
My coaches were the best ever,
They weren't very shy.
We worked very hard,
And won a lot of games.
We always worked toward
not becoming ashamed.
We made a lot of friendships,
But stumbled along the way.
But now we look back on our accomplishments,
And it was all worth the wait.
I love playing softball.
Our friendships will never fall.


trash back to top

the smell that is tolerant is bad
there are many things the live around it
but then i can not stand the smell of it
then the trash guys pick it up and thinks its rad
but for some reason it doesn't pay bad
it is one one thing that you should never forget
but to put a trash bag back into it
though you may need to double bag
and wash it well because the smell is bad
but don't look at the green colored fungus

though you should always take it down the street
don't for get to put it all nice right there
then the guys come by and take it away
then the guy waves and says thanks for the treat
because the cash value it every where
then i look more puzzled and walk astray


The Prayer back to top

The Lord has brought me safely through each day.
I thank him also for his loving grace,
He always puts a smile upon my face.
He has brought me from a mighty long way,
And so I'm gonna thank him as I pray.
I'm making sure I give him all the praise,
And surely I know he's with me always.
For the Lord has never led me astray.
And when I go to sleep he watches me.
I've known he loves me since a little girl.
My life belongs to the one who's above.
I known he cares about my family.
And in his hands there lies the whole wide world.
His grace and love is like a flying dove.


Don't Throw Mama Out with the Bath Water back to top

It's funny how the roles are reversing
Now I'm no longer the one looked after
It's my turn for care-giving and nursing
So far it's prompted curses and laughter
I see how frail she is, and I wonder
Is this the woman who instilled such fear
Whose roaring reprimands rolled like thunder
Is this my mother, bent and shriveled here
While bathing, her thick skin begins to peel
And now, she's as precious as a newborn
The water washes resentments I feel
Leaving our bond as fresh as early morn
I see my mom as an innocent child
Splashing love across her face as we smile...


Secrets Lay Beneath back to top

When I was told a rare thing
No one was to hear it but me
Not a single human being
But some how they found the key
A secret lay beneath the earth
She was a ruined soul
I didn't know how much this was worth
She took me and rolled
A secret lay beneath my heart
What was she to do if told to the world?
What was I to do if she went to start?
A sudden emotion just had to curl?
I told her to just see,
A secret lay beneath me.


Nothing Like a Girl back to top

A sissy guy is nothing like a girl
Who, in her element, exudes an air
Of joy; within, a trace of mother of pearl,
Without, an opal, shimmering and rare.
Her bones are hollower than birds'
From the wild song that is their levity.
(The song's wings are composed of words,
Encompassing all colors in their brevity,
And then transposing them upon a canvas grey
That makes them seem more jolly than before
As if to mock the gravity of fading day;
So bright they lie, your retinae are sore.)
You try to tell her there are things to fear—
It's not that she won't listen---she can't hear.


Silent Song back to top

I awakened with a most sudden start today,
and could not immediately discern the cause
of race of heart and troubled mind that gave me pause
to leap from bed in alarm with naked skin display.

My sweet lover soft had long before departed
on sure planned pursuit of gainful new employ.
I shared her joy; her absence did not annoy.
It was something else that had me so distracted.

I listened for a cry of pain or shout for any aid
that I might give support to end this troubled call
that disturbed me more than a siren's rise and fall,
or wrong number ring with no apology made.

Oh, my love, I know what it is that I do hear.
No birds are singing now, without you here to share.


Another Love Sonnet back to top

How does one know when you've fallen in love?
When you've gone beyond infatuation?
Do you get a sign from Heaven above?
And might that not be your imagination?
How can you tell when your heart is set firm
from when you're held in the grips of a crush?
How do you know when to admit the term
'love', without becoming a bowl of mush?
Or worse, to speak it and come to regret
because they just wanted to be your 'friend'
or maybe you didn't quite know them yet.
And there you are, unfortunate again.
Of course, we will have to take our chances
if we intend to conduct romances.


A Real Friend back to top

You, my friend mean all of the world to me,
I could not have asked for a better friend,
You help me to be all that I can be,
And you stick beside me until the end.

You talk to me when I am feeling down,
And you always know the right words to say,
You can put a smile where there was a frown,
And help me to have an excellent day.

Whenever I need you, you are right there,
Helping me through obstacles life may bring,
Showing me how much you really do care,
And showing me reasons that I can sing.

Keep sticking beside me until the end,
And you and I will always be great friends.


Real Love back to top

My heart is an ocean you'll drown in love
The deeper I fall in love with you boo
You're sent from heaven an angle above
It's something I could not adjust to

Like the wind that blow so slow and so warm
I'm relieved from all the pain around
The way you hold me so tight in your arms
While in the window as the rain falls down

The things that you do when I'm with you girl
And our love that grows so special and strong
Make me think I need to change my whole world
With you I'm going to always hold on

Because we share something that is so rare
For you I'm always going to there


Untitled back to top

People think love is a game you can play
It's really no joke, it's something for real
Love can decide whether you go or stay
There are no secrets, nothing to conceal
Love gives you a sense of internal peace
No sorrow, no pain, no broken heart in two
There's a sense of freedom, your mind at ease
When you're in love, it's not all about you
Love can make you do the craziest things
Love is your future don't dwell in the past
It's desired for the joy it can bring
In love you have no reason to be sad
Love is something that will never get old
For love you will give your heart and your soul


Memories back to top

My kindred, my father, taken away
I have become quiescent, I've gone numb
Losing you, making it another day
I maunder, wondering, why me, how come?

Sitting, nocturnal, with nothing in sight
I'm a mural hanging, bad piece of art
Just still like an owl alone at night
I feel nothing left but a broken heart

Long loving memories, some good, some bad
I cry remembering the bond we shared
Everlasting love, should I not be sad?
Inside my heart you will always be there

I sit alone, looking toward the clear sky,
Daddy, you are my ANGEL-FLY, FLY, FLY.


"Carbon copies..." back to top

Carbon copies always stick together
Walking in pairs down the halls you can see
The ones who won't stay through the bad weather
Oh the marvel conformity can be

Now who might be the first to turn on
The rest whom they claim to be holding dear
Close your eyes for a second they are gone
In the end it all seems so very clear

But this realization comes much too late
You have been left in the cold on your own
Perfect makeup can't save you from your fate
From this situation you must have grown

Your charming beautiful exterior
In the end only proved inferior


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