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Fight of the War Eagles back to top

Soaring swift on powerful silver wings,
listening as the mighty engine sings.
Up, down, my head turns, twists, looking around,
hoping enemy eagle will be found.

My duty is kill before he kills me,
battle in sky till death or victory.
Climbing, diving, twisting in deaths duel,
before day is done, fate will be cruel.

Spiraling, rolling, looping, fight for life,
two war eagles lock in war's deadly strife.
Bullets tear metal flesh like razor claws,
burning, in throes of death, one eagle falls.

Soaring in triumph, winner barrel rolls,
returns to war sky to fight other foes.



a welsh winter back to top

when the deathly cold wind
and Jack in the air
come to the valley as though he has sinned,
where sits his lair.

there is no meaning of his hatred, cruel
and his love of everything deathly sad
but for the fact that she left him for a fool
with not a penny and feelings, bad

there up high on his lonely peak
where there cloud crowds round
and the gulls with yellow beaks
sit on his dwelling and know no bounds

there is nothing that we may now know
and so with that note, we must go

(p.s. i'm welsh)


On Addiction back to top

17 DEC 2002

The search for intelligent life on earth,
for purpose and meaning behind the veils,
to find out what each hour of breath is worth,
and learn something from each of my travails,

To want what I have, not have what I choose -
the quest that keeps leading me in and on,
it is an addiction, a thirst for truth
that leaves me randomly fool, king and pawn.

A preoccupation, that finds me thrust
out into the whole world, ever seeking
an answer, or perhaps, some new questions.

It has filled my lifespan, from dust to dust:
the soft sound of the universe speaking,
and seeing in it my own reflection.


Autumn Leaves back to top

Rustle do the autumn leaves as they fall
Unhurriedly drifting in the faint breeze
Trembling thoughts coalesce in a plaintive call
Heard amidst the sharp silence of the trees
Young were we once lush with verdant splendor
Old are we now pale as the setting sun
Nothing remains but a sense of wonder
Gently ebbing as leaves fall one by one

Hundreds fall and rejoin the sea of leaves
Under the spell of the winds enchantment
In a last dance rustling with memories
Each distinct yet all a blur of movement
Rustle do the autumn leaves as they sweep
'Neath the faint shadow of eternal sleep

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