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The Eye of the Sunback to top

It was high noon and the sun was at its pinnacle.
An obscure cloud covered the transgressors of man.
A refulgent light pierced the souls of people of iniquity.
The engagement of divine and profane has begun.

There was no pity for beasts of vanity.
Only the modest were saved from the shores of hell.
Beasts plummeted to an inferno cemetery.
Few were conveyed to the garden of paradise.

Numerous souls were vilely tortured and raped.
Fiends lacerated the culpable beasts.
While the fingers of the sun burned the bellowing wicked.

Neither beast nor man could shun from the light of judgment.
Survivors were given another opportunity of life,
until the eye of the sun returns again.


Snow Dayback to top

I wake up with a start at eight o'clock,
Splash water on my face and throw my clothes on.
I race down the stairs, my heart racing in shock
For I'm normally up and ready at the crack of dawn.

My mom's at the table, she sips her tea and yawns.
Why isn't she mad? I'm late! We should be running to and fro!
Then I contemplate - is it Saturday? - is my memory gone?
But my mom just smiles and tells me to look out the window.

I look out to see a blizzard, the yard's full of snow
And I smile and shout 'cause school's cancelled today.
I see kids making snowmen and see snowballs ready to throw.
So I get all bundled up and run outside ready to play.

Horray, horray, snow days are fun
For they bring lots of play and you don't melt in the sun!


Green with Envyback to top

Envy these ravens in their playful flight
who dive and tumble high above our heads,
play airborne tag and shout their wild delight
while activists enumerate the dreads

that threaten wilderness under their wings.
Enron et al. divvy up watersheds
like bandits with elected hirelings.
It's an inside job with complicit Feds.

Enjoy innocence before it's too late
to land, because the land's been torn to shreds.
Beware lies politicians legislate,
the squirming scheming of flightless bipeds.

The toxic, lead-base mix of their green paint
makes laws look like exactly what they ain't.


Only Me back to top

A woman I in autumn years of life.
I worry not of outer looks so vain.
A loving mother, grandmother and wife.
To look at me you would say I am plain.
And yet I tell you look into my soul.
For that is where my treasure truly lies.
That is the place where I have been made whole.
You cannot view my soul with just your eyes.
This is the spot where all my dreams start out.
Where all my wondrous hopes and goals were born.
And in this secret part I hold no doubt.
Here I keep roses only not the thorn.
And this is where I keep the one true me.
The place where love and courage flow so free.



When you don't know back to top

When in life we just don't know what to do,
We look to someone else to help and guide,
Or else we look for a safe place to hide.
You can hold your breath until you are blue,
You can scream and shout, you can hide and cry.
Try looking for something better to do:
Pick up a hobby, just try something new
Instead of always just wondering why.
Talk to someone else, don't always be shy.
Look to someone else, someone who can help.
Look someone else in the eye and tell them.
Don't be so quick to always say goodbye.
Don't be like the dog, who always will yelp.
Just look for someone else and don't be dim.


Happy Bunnies back to top

Little bunnies playing on a hill.
One little bunny grabs another's tail.
Off in the wind do dandelions sail.
The rain last night made the water hole fill.
All the bunnies are having fun until,
Here comes a fox and boy does it flail.
All of the bunnies except one do bail.
That poor, precious bunny the fox does kill.
Each of the bunnies munch on a carrot.
The fox is gone, away the bunnies hop.
The fox has gone home to lay down and sleep.
To play with them comes Ernie the parrot.
Ernie hears of the poor bunny and sops.
The bunnies and Ernie start to weep.


The Ebb of Madness back to top

Voices hush into the wind, I am whole again
I can not recall what the fuss was about
Was it depression or madness I feigned
As those who eluded had doubt?

The sky, once open with an endless storm
Has finally shut its dark eye of fear
To release the sweet fragrance of warm
For the promise of sanity is near

But wait, I faintly remember the sight
Of the demon that lay just beyond
Under the cover in the darkness of night
And the messages that they once spawned

You are only to walk along the web
Of the madness in its infrequent ebb.

2002 Elizabeth Kelso


"Winter solace..." back to top

Winter solace from the skin grafting heat,
Welcoming the break to gather senses.
Frostbite triggers spasms to forfeit
Warmth that was once for granted in the sun.

The barren landscape is home too many,
Living through the death of nature.
She abandons us for places sunny,
Allowing evil to reign it's torture.

Trudging along in a blistering chill
That drooped from the skies on us below,
Pushing us along ice lined twirls.
Twig structures spike out of layers of cold.

Winter storms blow away remains of year.
Winter makes way for delicate spring cheer.

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