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In the End...back to top

Your soul is a star shining in the sky.
How so very precious it is to me,
Watching you closely as time passes by.
Lying next to you I feel so whole and free.

But one day you'll be gone forever.
Taken from me by death or another,
No kisses or hugs not again ever.
I will have to move on but why bother.

But in eternity we will meet again.
In this after life our love can be real,
Go back to the way we would have been.
Then we can again show how we really feel.

In the end together we will live on,
Just as together we had begun.

My first Sonnet back to top

This is my first attempt at sonnet rhyme
I hope my lack of skill is not revealed
Within these lines or time may yet unwind
Upon my words; eternal fate to seal

A poets life I hope to lead one day
Expressing words of life and death and love
To rise above the tumult and the fray
And find release to touch the stars above

What glories I might know when this I find
When universal secrets are unveiled
To pierce the deepest heart and soul and mind
And strengthen mankind's nature weak and frail

To these high peaks I seek to scale and climb
To inhale deep the breath of God divine

(Ticklersmusings 2002)


To a Beloved One back to top

My love, my heart, with love, you do esprise
My heart, my love, with love so comely cruel;
I cannot bare the burning, watch me rise
In your inferno, gliding through love's fuel,
Scorched in tortured eyes, blown with sighs
And singed with kisses. O! What a fool
Am I! I cannot be! Ay, full of lies
To see the truth in your true love,
And kill myself with frothy flames
As full-profuse as overweened love,
As full of sweetness as I'm full of names
To try pithful perfection. These poor games

I play with pithless words to fan your flames!
Like binding blastful fire with soft trames!


Sonnet of an Angel back to top

Enchanting creatures full of grace and love.
They help us even though they are unseen.
Flying high watching us from up above.
I wish I could see just one and convene.
A spirit sent to serve and worship Him.
With wings and a holy glow around them.
Praising God and singing a lovely hymn.
More precious and amazing than a gem.
Very smart being with outstanding traits.
I know they are real I have a feeling.
To be an angel must be very great.
And to see one would be a special thing.
A shiny halo on top of their heads.
Using the white, fluffy clouds as a bed.


I Wonder back to top

I wonder what she'll look like
I wonder what she'll be
As many times as I've felt her
She seems to be like me
They say you must wait until she's here
They say soon it will be done
I wish the days were not like years
I'm ready and I want to be one
I dream she's a princess, oh so fair
She has soft beautiful flowing hair
Her eyes so blue, her cheeks round and rosy
Her hands so gentle and so small
Soon it's time, I'm scared but I know
She's the best person I'll ever know


Suburbia in December (Malevolence in the Gardens) back to top

Blank nights, fog clouding the estate,
sharp corners and black ice cause cars
to spin from roads, making people late
for who knows what? It blots out even stars,
but from the fog a headlight glares, too bright,
it shines on houses. Then pedestrians fall
on compacted snow - all does not look right.
Tonight we can be gloomy, that is all.

From in the fog a headlight glares at me
I hide my eyes but still feel its despair.
Below is solid ice, while even trees
seem strange, downcast - like they should not be there
The transformation scares me, but I walk on
To contemplate the rising of the sun.


What is Love back to top

If only my eyes could see what you do
This love would always be forever new
Our relationship forever true
And not like we are now, restless and blue.

The endless years we will have together
Comforting one another year after year
I am yours and you are mine forever
So let's be here for each other my dear.

We have gone through so much after all these years
And it's so funny how we made it through
All the sleepless nights I stayed up in tears
And you know one thing, that you are my boo!

And the relationship has grown so strong
That the years we have left will be very long.


"You are one of the little or of the few" back to top

You are one of the little or of the few,
You are fascinating and beautiful,
I am there for everything that you go through,
You are so always cute and colorful.
You are the dark one but you are tall,
Two is short but also the bright one,
Even though you get on my nerves I love ya'll,
It is okay but sometimes needed done.
I look at you and see your very good love,
It is okay because I feel the same,
I see you when I'm looking from above,
It would not matter about your blames.
You are my beautiful lovely nieces,
I will always love you and give you kisses.


Time goes by back to top

Time flies by as waves hit the distant shore.
The world ages now and begins anew.
We remember the times gone by as past lore.
Nothing that is old becomes new.
We ignore time, as it flees out windows.
It goes as the pendulum swings.
The newlyweds become now the widows.
The new bell for an infant year rings.
We die and are buried in the ground.
Time comes and goes yet we don't know.
The earth echoes with its sound.
Now a new time comes with the snow.
Can we know that lives are not forever?
One thing to do, we must not waver.


Taurus back to top

My love was so real that I can not dream
Do you even stop to think that I might care
At night when I slumber I wake in a scream
You should at least be kind enough to dare
The passion we shared should have only increased
You gave me your purpose which seemed so clear
But yet your love changed and it ceased
Even so, they caused a few of my sullen tears
Last night I prayed asked for help from above
What if I could receive the needed sign
God sent a dove which told me this is love
I must open my eyes and not be blind.
With Taurus in mind I shelved my hurt away.
Praying that one day our love will be may.

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