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Guilty! But surely love is not the crime,
Love asketh not, nor shadow hides a hate.
It is all circumstantial at this time;
Ah there's the rub for this love burned too late:
Whilst false position can still properly give,
What use to give if no one then can take?
And without love where is the want to live?
Nought else but this does keep my mind awake:
If sorrow be just cost, then I will pay,
A yearn for warmth from an extinguished fire,
Effect from cause, there is no other way,
Forlorn that love should fall into desire;
Though I accept this judgement now as fair,
That I did cause your pain I cannot bear.

Solitary Pleasure

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She towels her hair with underwater grace
The bathroom mirror fogged in humid steam
A swipe of cloth reveals the maidenÉs face
Her features dewy soft in peach and cream
From neck and torso alabaster made
To limb with bended elbow ivory hewn
And breasts with nipples of a certain shade
Of pink or beige according to the moon
Replay the lover's touch as fingers stray
Half lidded eyes, she sighs and locks the door
And seeks repletion in a certain way
The towel lies forgotten on the floor
Her hand placed on the tiles to brace her stance
The maiden smiles and slips into the trance

Spring Break

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My friends and I will travel away soon
A boat we ride relaxing together
Drinking tropical drinks under the moon
Enjoying the fun times with each other
A week to smile, laugh a lot side by side
The sun will be shining, we shall get tan
In Mexico we will shop till we drop
Not ready to come home, our brains will pop
Dancing all night until the early mornÉ
We will most likely not listen to Korn
We will look back, with such good memories
Remembering those good times over seas
Sad to leave, hard to say good bye so soon
Looking back will be fun, until next time...

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