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Sonnet for Kayla Hoyleback to top

You are the treasure of my heart's desire
that shines like diamond drops of dew
and I cherish the love that you inspire
can I compare nature's jewels to you ?

Your smile more lustrous than a sun-bird's plume
with eyes brighter than venus' twilight star
Your skin far paler than a snowdrop's bloom
Your kiss the sweetest nectar by far

But more than this, my trust in you I place
As you, my love, did give your heart to mine
I'm ever drawn to your most fond embrace
A match like ours is craft of fate's design

If e'er a man, his match, would seek to meet
perchance he'll never find a love more sweet


The Cigar Box in the Sock Drawerback to top

Gold seal mahogany, wood and cigar
smell long gone. Hinged, etched box, we're tighter
through the long miles of our marriage, slighter
green felt lining just a vestige of how far

we've collected, saved, simply stored from before
our love. Your ten Yuan notes, silver lighter.
My pop's 1884 silver dollar,
a birthday present to his granddaughter.

My Hoboken button, pair of cufflinks.
Your "I Have a Dream" button from that day
MLK gave his speech in '68.
The years have piled into this box. Two kids
add their embroidered gifts, beaded jewelry, say,
"Keep these forever." They say, "Keep our fate.


A Spectrum of Dragons back to top

A spectrum of dragons soars in the sky --
Crimson, vermilion, orange, gold, green and blue,
indigo, violet, rose, black and white.
Their scales sparkle in vivid rainbow hues,
like scintillating jewels in the sun,
as the dragons gracefully glide on wings
through wispy silver clouds like thin strands spun
from a spider's web, glittering like rings.
Ascending high above emerald plains,
the dragons shimmer like radiant stars.
They are creatures mystical and arcane,
fearsome and awe-inspiring from afar,
breathtakingly majestic in their flight
as shadows herald the coming of night.


The Lost Child back to top

The sky is filled with star yet night is black
A shroud of silence chills the earth so cold
White fog marches 'round as if on attack
And scares the people with its pursuit bold

Beneath a park bench on wet grass he lay
Huddled under a tattered scrap of heat
No one looks twice as they run on their way
His only home is 'neath this lovers' seat

Two men drove by, wished that he wasn't born
Yet then as if to say "T'was not in vain!"
A light pierced through, the night's dark hold was torn
Revealed the child the man had kept from pain

The sacrifice he'd made to all was clear
T o keep the child he held so close from fear


A Star Sonnet back to top

I touch this new and gentle lonely star,
It looks at me from way beyond afar.
I wish the wind would blow it down to me,
so I could see it's glorious beauty.
I wish I may I wish I might,
have this wish I wish tonight.
So I might hold this Star's sweet truth,
the time has come to prove myself aloof.
For someone may just mock my love is wrong,
because they lust for such a pretty song.
I labor through the night under the moon,
I worship Star, I look at it and swoon.
So now I'll finish my romantic plea,
The Star's bright light, you see, it shines for me.


"Hi my name is Ashley" back to top

Hi my name is Ashley
I really like to dance
my style is very flashy
sometimes I like to prance
I have a very big dog
Her name is Miss Molly
she always eats like a hog
and likes to ride the trolley
I go to Heights High School
and I'm a little Freshman
upper classman think I'm a fool
And I like to use colored pens
I really wanna a cowboy
Cause I think their really phat boys.


The Girl back to top

This girl I long to find and see,
Isn't there to come and greet me.
I try to come and understand,
but no ones there to hold my hand.
It's so hard by day and night,
to stay in control and to hold my bite.
Harder and harder it seems to be,
as the world won't stop chasing me.
I pray to the one above,
that one day I'll become a dove;
and everyone will soon find out,
that no ones perfect, quiet or shout.
Either way, I will have to stay,
people will understand, as I continue to pray.


O' Shakespeare back to top

What poet but despair would shake to hear
Olden Shakespeare rhyme in uncompass'd din.
O' none though sun doth permeate the grin
With th'airen verse of this fair bard to fear.

The heart to rage doth nowhere find to hide
The intell'ct so wrought cannot contend,
But wonder where the sunbeams find or lend
This stranger trumpet, poet of the tide

Of woe, of love of roses fairly bent,
Thou to distill do seek a brand of truth
That for the mission I would truly lend:

The cast of adoration's fairest hue.
Galant Will, deign to soften this words lease
Where passion's motion does notorious cease.


Love ("The things we do...") back to top

The things we do are passionate we share
With the sweet smell of your Romance cologne
we came a very long way to be prepare
the night would be very passionate and strong.

While we played around last night things were bright
I had a big fright while he tried to come
as we slept through the night he held me tight
a sweet kiss goodnight that will make you hum.

Our love is strong but many things are very wrong
he gave me roses to tell me he was sorry
we'll be holding hands while we change marriage vows
we'll express our feelings so theirs no worries.

Long as your love doesn't change we'll be alright
We'll be together an always love each other.

Key To My Heart back to top

I had closed the door upon my heart and wouldn't let anyone in
I had trusted and loved only to be hurt but that would never happen again

I had closed the door and tossed the key as hard and as far as I could
Love would never enter their again my heart was closed for good

Than you came in to my life and made me change my mind
Just when I thought that tiny key was impossible to find

That's when you held out your and proved to me I was wrong
Inside your palm was the key to my heart you had it all alone.

The beauty of us being together is none other than the love at first sight
To live together and love together without a fight

To love and not lust we will never part
Eternity together the key from the heart

The key to my heart you have in hand
Be careful and graceful and stand.


The Storm back to top

The sky grew dark all around the big house.
The dog barked and the lizard ran about.
Everyone was worried, even the mouse.
The child and the son started to pout.
Then the lightning came and the thunder too,
The rain poured down as the house turned silent.
There was nothing that anyone could do.
The weather outside was harsh and violent.
The fog set in as it covered the land.
The hail came down with every flash of light.
It's like God started it with his own hand.
This storm happened on a cold summer night.
The bad storm continued for endless days;
This one storm showed God's mysterious ways.


Love ("I knew you came from the heavens above ...") back to top

I knew you came from the heavens above
Peeked only for a moment and then gone.
Knowing my heart longs for your precious love
Fastly, some how some way you were withdrawn.

That day, I dreamed you say that you loved me.
At that moment, I lost all my despair,
My life so bright, you alone I could see,
But when my eyes opened, no one was there.

I now think that you are the one for me
You are the only one I want and need
If you only give some of it to me
I will give you all the love that you need

So far right now I can only day dream.
Hoping this dream won't get hit by a beam.


Love ("My life feels complete...") back to top

My life feels complete when I look into her eyes,
If I ever lost her it would lead to my demise.
As I touch her body I can feel the chills go up her spine,
At this moment it seems the entire world is just fine.
When we fight, I feel empty inside,
It makes me feel as if I'd just been denied.
When we're not together I feel like a part of me is missing,
But when we're together the jealous ones start dissing.
Sometimes I become nervous around her and act mindless,
But my feelings for her are pure, and my love is timeless.
All my worries come to an end when I see her smile,
She makes me so happy that I feel in denial.
I hope the day never comes, but if it does,
I will always remember just the way it was.

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