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Miracles back to top

Miracles happen in our lives each day:
Yet, all of them are taken for granted
We seek for more and are not contented;
If we only pause a moment and see
What wonders the Lord has made everyday;
Then, we'll realize what wonderful deed
And miracles our Lord has created
But we have just been blind to such beauty.
We can not live in this world forever
And when Life lent to us is taken back
When we return to ash from whence we came
We'll thirst for Life's miracles and wonder
Regret for the appreciation we lack
For ne'er again shall we pass this way back.


Freedom Combat back to top

She may have come during night or by day
her entrance announced by a dove's call
the clouds they parted, opened, and made way
with every step the flowers grew tall
As she walked, the warm, bright, sun filled the sky
when they saw her beauty, people would stare
then she stopped, a silver object flew by
hit the ground, explosions everywhere
the bombs unleashed darkness, pain shook the trees
pointless battles started, innocent lives gone
helpless against hate, she fell to her knees
this suffering makes it hard to go on
can we save freedom, do we have the will
In this war for peace, do we need to kill


Last Breath back to top

Again I'm left to die alone
Who will save me this time
And risk their life for mine
Just so I can breathe and moan
Well, maybe, if I do get home
Things will be different this time
Maybe I will be just fine
But I don't want to live alone

The battlefield is quiet now
No one dares to break the silence
I can think about it now, just this once
The world lets me do this somehow
Is anyone going to save me this time
Or will I be left to die alone


Self Portrait back to top

Vermillion suits best my bloodshot eye,
instead of pink or peach or lesser red—
not this white, which binds me where I bled,
coiled in gauze and gathered below my
ear, a still life quiet as I apply
new brush strokes, colors bold around my head,
that shows me rendered true to life—not dead.

Vanished are the passions which made me fly,
and now the one I was is gone again,
no more to know that restless one within.

Go from me, if you must; you reject me
only for this badge we share, this token
gained from one who loved too much, yet given
hope of living with this impassioned plea.


"I have an illness" back to top

I have an illness and it's called Mono.
It feels like I have dropped down way below.
It makes me tired and all I want is sleep.
When I get better I'm going to run and leap.
You don't want Mono, believe me.
If you get it, you soon will see.
If you kiss me then you'll get it too.
Then you'll be ill and feel extremely blue.
While being sick, I don't want to even eat.
I want to rest because I feel so beat.
Being sick is not the way.
All I want is to go lay.
I want to get better very soon.
So I can go and shop at noon!


"love can't be there without friendship..." back to top

love cant be there without friendship
it is something that everyone wishes
love is not a type of worship
it is something that never perishes
love can be of many types
but all of them have the same feelings
from time to time it changes
everyone has different way of expressing
still the value of love doesn't vanishes
love should be from the core of the heart
it may sometime result in a marriage also
if you break a heart it pains a lot
sometimes may result in break-up also
thus both of them have to bear a lot


Secret crush back to top

As I think about the unruly past,
I know I should move to the next journey.
This new relationship is going to last.
I'm always able to see him in the morning.

Everyday I know he is always there.
He is respectful and an survivor.
He is very honest and likes to share.
I heard a whisper he said " I love her."

This is a secret no one can compare.
This is my choice I have to do what's right.
When I see him all I can do is stare.
I will make my choice by the end of night.

If my choice is wrong I will regret this.
This is a chance I will not try to miss.


Sonnet 1 back to top

When is disgrace I play my clarinet
I all alone on that stunning stage,
and trouble deaf audience with my squeaking cries.
And look upon myself and curse those years
wishing me like to one more rich in sound,
feature like me, like me with my clarinet possessed.
Desiring my art, and that woman's hope,
with what I most enjoy thy least of time,
Yet in my thoughts I almost amazed
Haply I think on her, and then my clarinet.
Like to the tuba at break of band tuning music,
sings hymns at great sorrow.
For thy sweet love remembered that good sound
brings wealth.
That then I play my clarinet to change the audience face.

Icarus back to top

The sun above shines not on us today.
Veiled, its secret behind shadows does hide,
Because to hide shame darkens light of day,
Its blame for making Icarus collide.
And yet, though sun, and moon, and stars were blind
And all the world below did seem to gape,
A world he tried so hard to leave behind,
Met him and ended dreams of all escape,
He, with closed eyes stares off into the night,
Felt wind's embrace begin to stay his fall,
The dream, revived, with wings once more took flight,
And bore Icarus swiftly from it all.
And though the sun did slow his dream to soar,
A dream, once dreamed, can not be stopped once more.


Painful back to top

a boy with eyes like ice and just as cold
once pierced my heart my mind my tattered soul
a cheshire grin then warned me to withhold
my yearn to touch the heart that demons stole
i reach out to you with my open arms
and i only feel your sleek sadist's blade
i tried to shelter you from worldly harms
to salvage your untainted coy facade
i'm glad you got so much insane pleasure
from my filthy salt tears dirtied with pain
intangible moments lost but treasured
you clutch to your soul that never does wane
you never heard my cry above your glee
your cruel angel smile killed my final plea


I. back to top

Romance and I weren't truly acquainted
I followed her round, begging at her feet
She spit in my face, my life nev'r tainted
By dizzy venom. My hope she did cheat.
That lady deigned not to yield to my pleas,
My craven pipe dreams would all the same lurk.
Her alluring whispers ne'er would disease
Mine ear or mine life, or brighten my smirk.
She offered her gift and then snatched it away
Wickedly giggling at my misery.
I didn't believe her that fatal day
She ceased to be cruel, yet appeared a banshee.
Trapped by regret, I long for that hour
When Romance will make me less hopelessly dour.


"pink rose in a cursed world" back to top

to jennie

disconnect me from this mortal coil.
the innocence of youth takes flight too fast.
the horrors here are adequate to spoil
a novice conscience; doomed to fail to last.
gone from me as well as several others.
grown-up so quickly not the feel the joys
of youth, but rather witness sisters and brothers
die in themselves as little girls and boys.
too much for me to try to mourn and cope.
i need a way to flee from all this angst.
but not to take my life upon a rope.
i trust in one who now i give my thanks.
though all our world is cursed to fail and fall,
a helping hand will help to soothe it all.


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