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Sonnet II

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If I were to live but one hundred years,
In that time there would not be enough,
To read all the prophecies of the seers
And face the tempests of life that are rough.
Would God but give me one hundred more,
Then might I in earnest truly begin,
to understand the meaning of their score
and avoid all occasion of dark sin.
But as I am as brief as an angel's breath
And once mine expired am forever more,
Our eternity seen only through our death,
Then the riddle answered what life is for-
So forgive me now if in my haste I do err;
I make the attempt but still ask this prayer.


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Warrior, so gallant and true is he,
The Bard records on written page;
To tell of battles he did engage.
Sings stories for lowly Patrons to see,
Bold visions of when his foes did flee,
Visions of blood boiling within his rage,
Employing no wisdom from the scholarly sage.
Yet bringing every foe to their knee.

As a strong wind is to blow,
Upsetting the vast and mighty sea.
So he engages the bloody battlefield.
To rid the land's foe, his mighty decree!
Awash in a foe's blood, good Patron does know,
That to the Mighty Warrior, land's foe shall yield.


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Black bears are known for their massive paws
The bears run from the hunters with the guns
The black bears claws are on their massive paws
The hunter is having a lot of fun

The black bears are very territorial
The bear will kill another bear in a fight
The black bears can fish without a reel
It is best for the bears to stay out of sight

The bears only come out when it is sunny
The black bears can not climb the very tall trees
The black bears love to eat the honeybee's honey
The bears aren't out during winter they'll freeze

The black bears will be trying to hibernate
Kill the black bears if they get through the gate

Fornever More back to top

When I needed you, you were always there
The good times shared by us would never end
Our good friendship would never need to mend
Everyone said we were two in a pair
For me to find someone like you was rare
Like a desert road, never comes a bend
Heart, mind, body, thoughts- things to you I lend
Never do we fight, things were always fair
I can't believe I got far without you
You stood next to me, when no one else would
And now I know you feel the same way too
I choose not to think bad or maybe I should
Because now I see your not here by me
Best friends forever we will never be


"One day I met a boy named Matt" back to top

One day I met a boy named Matt
My first thought was "whoa he's hot"
The next day he wore a white hat
and at Carlos O Kelly's we fought

One night on his couch we kissed
and I thought my dreams had come true
but the next morning I was pissed
when he ditched me for his crew

When turning right, he hit a car
it made me laugh to tears
and when at school I feel so far
from the night we all drank beers

and when I want a glass of water
I don't ask matt cuz he won't bother


Sonnet 1 back to top

Behold how softly firelight doth caress
Your skin as evening fades to darkest night
To sleep your heavy lids soon close to rest
My eyes drink in the beauty of the sight

Soft pursing lips now crimson like a rose
Much deeper now your breathing seems to be
You gently slip into that sweet repose
Into that restful place of reverie

Sleep on my dear most precious to my heart
Through bleakest night your loving watch I'll keep
Steadfastly holding vigil is my part
I watch the creeping shadows while you sleep

As morning breaks upon the eastern sky
So quietly I slip away, goodbye


Should dreams haunt you back to top

Should dreams haunt you, sleep through sleep.
The eyes of the mind are better tightly shut
Against the whirl of feelings swirling in your gut.
Better to fluff your pillow and start counting sheep.
Though distant hills seem tiny, they are surely steep
When climbed, and bring unexpected trudge
And the boulders blocking visions might never budge,
So quit pushing.
In those deep, deep
Oceans, one never knows what one will find:
Hopes in schools like minnows, or a menacing shark
Nipping at hanging limbs? The massive Behemoth
Or a translucent jellyfish? Best not to cast a line,
Much less to swim down and risk limbs rent apart,
Or safe from such horrors, the bends coming up--


I Don't Like the Radio back to top

The radio always plays random songs.
I think to myself "they can do better
Than this." How did they go so very wrong?
I have a thought to go write a letter
To those dudes who need to go out and get
A tan. And tell them to play something with
More meaning, something that involves more wit.
I hear Brittney Spears instead of the Smiths,
Icky Macy Gray instead of Something
Corporate. Now I'm telling you
That those are quality bands that should be
Played. Something tolerated by me.
I think I should go create my own
Music show that plays the best music ever.


The Night back to top

Soft raindrops lull her into deep slumber
Their irregular pulse creating dreams
God alone knows what night will encumber
Sharp images, with realistic themes

Will she be crucified again tonight
Friends turning closed ears away from her cry
In sleep her tears fall, throat becomes tight
Life comes to its close, she gives a small sigh

Raindrops crash down and spatter the window
She tosses, turns, as the night travels on
The tears pour out harder, with unchecked flow
Insanity reigns until the new dawn

Slowly, steadily, the raindrops do cease
And slowly her mind regains its ill peace


"As the time draws nigh... " back to top

As the time draws nigh for all to go home
Voices cry out but people do not hear
All have shut the doors to their hearts and homes
Like a darkened hall surrounded by fear.

This world is evil solely full of hate
Everyone is too concerned with his own cares
To care about the world's condemned last state
No time, the sinner has all he can fare.

Hell is the deep darkened pit they must face
Full of sorrow and pain; it's no one's goal
The voice cries in agony from this place
As the demons consume the sinner's soul.

Voices cry out and are ignored each day
Saving lives through Jesus Christ is the way.

Sonnet for Jon back to top

He wanders through our house with mask of stone;
Expressionless, I fear a frozen heart.
He's made a world, secluded and alone
Away from one of which I was a part.
Each year adds one more league beneath the sea,
And with his leadenness does he descend.
I bite my tongue; time slips away from me;
My baby brother's childhood meets its end.
But I have seen this man asleep at night,
And found my friend upon his dreaming face.
So put to rest our cold, unspoken fight
And cover him with Sister's warm embrace.
He needs to know himself before another;
Become a man, but also be my brother.


One Wish back to top

Living in a mansion high above the stars
Watching the world below, from high above
No longer shall there be dividing bars
But a world filled with happiness and love
Poverty and war will exist no more
How very happy everyone will be
To have a world that allows their hearts to soar
To live in a world that sets our hearts free
If I lived with the angels high in the sky
The world would be a joyous, happy place
To experience and live our lives by
Good times and happiness would leave their trace
A world so filled with happiness and bliss
If I had just one wish I'd wish for this


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