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Blank Paper

Another English assignment to write
of all things I have to write a sonnet,
fourteen lines, ten syllables. That's it--
Yeah right, I can't even rhyme starry night.
I stare, stare at this blank paper--so white!
I'll never get this done, that's a sure bet.
I could describe an even--ing sunset,
or a poem of love might work just right.

It's not working, my minds a total blank,
and poems were never my specialty.
Hey, look. What do you know. I'm writing one.
I know, I know. It may be a bit rank,
but guess what? That is called reality.
At least I learned that writing one is fun.

The Deep and Long-Forgotten

When all my sands of earthly life have whirled
Away, the gates of heaven may swing wide.
And as I stroll the streets of gold and pearl,
Iíll yearn to in your arms again reside.

Perhaps my doom in purgatory lies.
If so, Iíll think of you with every flame
That licks me, and, so doing, purifies
My soul. My only screams shall be your name.

I may be bound in hellís eternal death.
And Satan will do all that he can do
To torture me. Iíll relish every breath
If only I can turn my mind to you.

Iím satisfied with any fate I face
As long as I can die in your embrace.

Lonely Separated

Show me what is meant of being lonely?
Question that I just want to know 'bout you.
The damn problem, can you live happily.
You know it's the same that I feel un' too.

Why I cannot be with you all the day.
Is there something mistakes I've done to you?
Last time we're in love in a special way.
But now it's different way of my view.

All day thinking of you drive me crazy.
Remind me of what I'm going to do.
You know it's hard to be lonely, baby!
Give me a chance to prove my love to you.

I'll give you all that no one else can give.
A gift that is from me you shall receive.


I spied two cheery sparrows in the grass
Enjoying breakfast out upon the lawn,
They chirped, and flitted in the dewey dawn.
I could not help but smile, yet alas
As I watched them through the window glass,
As one, they took to wing and both were gone.
I mused about those birds until anon
A measure of my loneliness did pass.
For while I live this life apart from thee
Until this mortal flesh the earth receives,
Tho heav'n be mine for all eternity,
If sparrows for a season we could be,
And share a nest of twigs beneath the eaves
This would be paradise enough for me.

Dream Land

Cautious, weary, reluctant trust with you
A problem trusting people, I know that
I've been hurt before, a guy I knew
It feels as if I've been used as a mat
Around my inner self I build a wall
Everything I do is for myself
It's a cautious step in case I fall
It's so hard to think yet of someone else
It is a method of being prepared
I'm much too young and not ready right now
A way of avoiding unwanted stares
You know how I can change, just tell me how
If you want a commitment, sure I can
But not now, not here, later in Dream Land

My Love For Thee, My Anna Maria

Time passes, yet it is ever slowing,
Since last I gazed into Thine brilliant eyes.
Your lovely smiles are my bright sun lit skies.
Your loving touch, a mountain breeze flowing.
My love for Thee, steadfast, ever growing.
Yearning always for your sweet tender sighs.
Impulsive motion of strong and supple thighs.
Will you return with an equal longing?
Years we share are the best times of my life.
I thank you for your constant shining love.
I eternally love and cherish Thee.
Gleefully, I will take you as my wife.
We fit together like a custom glove.
My one and only Anna Maria.

My Valentine

I know her not yet but I seek to find
that beautiful girl who won't leave my mind
Her smile, her eyes, her features so fine
I know in my heart I want her for mine

Still so much to learn but that is my goal
to hold not her hand but caress her soul
And should something change to cause this to fail
I'd honestly say it was to avail

Cause now that I know the feelings I keep
those I've never felt or known quite so deep
I know what I want and from where I've been
I'll not accept less not ever again

And so on this day for Saint Valentine
you know I'll be yours I hope you'll be mine.

Calm Blue Sea

Upon a gently rocking calm blue sea,
Drifts by the bower of our discontent,
The pyre built, but lit could never be,
By embers hidden from our heart's intent,
The mists of twilight toil upon the beach,
I see thee for a moment, drawing nigh,
Then vanished, though you were within my reach,
My empty arms embrace the formless sky,
But pliant sands reveal your steady course,
Fair footfalls leading off beyond the dunes,
I follow as if drawn by nature's force,
As tides before the nightfall's endless moons.
The hunger of the heart's exquisite hells,
Appeased by treasures found in surf-toss'd shells.

Not So Clearly Fading

Earth suspended like a marble blue
Upon a black velvet curtain
The astronaut noticed as he weightless flew
A timeless principle so certain

In the quietness of space
Sounding of only his breath
Drowns the sordid screams of men
At modernity's shallow depth

And earth in its delicacy spins
Upon its predetermined path
While nations know not where they've been
Nor the consequences of their wrath

Starlight fading upon the abyss
Humanity disappearing in hallowed mist

The Beautiful Blond

As the girl walked across the street boldly
She caught my attention oh so quickly
It made my heart feel very tickly
But to my surprise she looked at me coldly
I feel as if I was dead and moldy
She gave me thoughts that felt very prickly
Oh why me I hate to feel so sickly
She made it seem like she was so godly
I made up my mind to go flirt with her
I took a deep breath and gathered my thoughts
By the end of our talk I had a date
At the end or our date I wanted her
We were falling for each other a lot
I love everything about her at this rate

The Death of a Girl

I stand in the shadows watching you dance
You have never even looked over to see me
All day long I cry while I watch you prance
Why can't we have the love that is to be
Every other girl in this school has had a date
If only I was pretty enough you would look
Everyday you look away my heart begins to hate
Maybe just maybe you will be lured by my hook
although you don't even know that Iam alive
I still love you with every piece of my heart
I feel that I am stuck in a bee hive
If our love could be, it would be the best piece of art
If only you would have taken time too look my way
I would probably still be here today

The Owl

You are like the moon in the heaven's sky
You float in the clouds singing songs that bring in tide
then every day like clock work it's as if you die.
You just leave without a trace waiting for tonight's ride
the next night comes and you fly away for your food
you find the food and take it to your den.
you kill your prey in a manner which is crude
and after you do this you do it again
but as cruel as you can be you are so pretty
flying around cutting through the dark with your glowing eyes
you sneak up on your prey, it shows you're witty
you are so powerful you make other animals cry.
For you hoot and do not howl
for you are the one and only majestic owl

New York

fleeting shades of crimson rise above me
past my widened eyes they slip amongst stars
neon glow of pink outlines outstretched tree
a handsome man approaches me from bar
urban decay glitters below my feet
his hand i take and lips i softly kiss
he scrapes his teeth against my neck to greet
because my shining hair he sorely missed
his sparkling azure eyes are filled with lust
and i seduce but now sweetly submit
i know in heart that my lover should trust
the thought that so makes my emerald eyes lit
the city's lights glimmer above our heads
but tonight we will share two seperate beds

The Sonnet of the Rose

And now, my Love, let sweet night softly fall
Upon the meadow chosen for our rest.
We'll gather dreams from places great and small
While summer warms the pillow of your breast.
We'll gather dreams while nightingales shall sing
A lullabye composed for just our ears.
Soon round our hair appears an angel's ring
Born soft in moonlight, washed by willow's tears.
And thus, my Love, we both shall sleep so warm
'Til morning doves do softly call the dawn
And with the summer's sunrise sweet alarm,
We'll wake with wild abandon like the fawn.
Our love is like the rose, in grace and peace.
Come breathe the rose 'til all our breath shall cease.

I Am the Voice

I am the voice where voices seldom heard;
Let men to pale and walk away in fear:
I give to each and every single word
A certain twist the lot of them to hear!
I am the heart where heartless fellows mass;
Let men beware upon their ruthless perch:
My voice rings out so loud it shatters glass;
The priest himself now trembles in his church!
I am the soul where spirits sorely lack;
Let men to dread the very thought of me:
Though wolves decry the leader of the pack,
He comes to them, in time, their liberty!
I am the voice that rings out in the night;
Go tell the wounded ones they've heard it right!

A Sonnet for Bruce

Just what you mean to me, you do not know,
But you should listen closely to me now;
You're like summer to land covered with snow.
I know not why and certainly not how,
But when I hear the music of your voice,
Though you may wear a solemn face outside,
My heart leaps and cannot help but rejoice,
For it can't mask the laughter in your eyes.
Those eyes -- they fill me with such joyful warm,
That fifty frigid winters could not stay
This feeling that I think is love, though torn
Is my mind, for what love is, I can't say.
I admit that I know not what love is,
But if it's anything, it must be this.

Down with Their Pants

The years of grungy garb and frightful hair
abide. No beauty's seen in youth of late,
save when, the lovely truth to liberate,
a crowd of them at Lauderdale go bare.
The warming globe and dress codes ought to share
as equal topics of UN debate.
A fashion treaty with no sunset date
by every nation signed: this be our prayer.

Not speech to be protected by the first
amendment that our elegantly dressed
forefathers framed -- mere property are these
bedraggled jeans, these soggy sweats accurst,
these baggy britches never washed or pressed,
these saggy shorts with crotches at the knees.

Selfish Sacrifice

I close my eyes to leave mistakes behind.
Attempts towards escapes from lies and sin.
Bold secrets hidden under smiles once kind.
Regrets of transgression once joined at skin.

My eyes open with heartless mournful blame.
I stole her pearl and left an empty shell.
Resistance to her emotions by shame.
Disturbing truths too difficult to tell.

My tired eyes can no longer explain.
No patience for her tears for my return.
"I can't love you why can't you ascertain?"
"I took your innocence without concern."

Tonight, I close my eyes but not to dream,
To mourn an angel dead for my esteem.


I Live For You

Write your name upon my heart forever
Cast out all worry from my troubled mind.
You and I walk hand and hand together
Together and forever we will bind!

You make all things new, you calm all my fears
And I knew that you are all that I need,
You comfort me even with the falling tears
My tears are water and I am the seed!

Let me grow, Lord, to live each day anew.
Enriched by all your love and caring ways.
You are my all in all, I live for you.
I'll worship you all my living days!

I reach out for your hand in my embrace
when I look up, I see your smiling face.


Clearer Vision

I cannot believe what you put me through
You stole me heart and then gave it away
Now i know that i cannot be with you
I don't know what i'm doing, so you say

But i don't want you around anymore
All this time i thought you really loved me
Couldn't you have just tried a little more?
It's taken a long time but now i see

All you do is hurt me and betray me
My heart sees all the way through your lies
I realize, we were never meant to be
Never wipe away, only cause my cries

I know there is something i have to do
That is-to move on and get rid of you


Precious Sense

If you can see me hold the sun right now
Then life will pass you by and sound will cry
A single sight of light will press your brow
But ears hold truth, for words will let you fly

For sight is such an overrated sense
And smell plus touch is equal to this one
You lose this sense and there is no more bliss
No passion words are ever heard of love

Is this one sense the one you want to lose
Or keep this for a life long journey near
For if you had to choose to rid this use
You wouldn’t hear your baby cry or cheer

You smell then see then touch and last you taste
For I would not choose ears to go to waste


Trees have pain too!

I like to touch the trees as I pass
To give a friendly pat upon the bark
Of some rough pine, reaching oh so high,
To shake hands with a Maple in the park.
Tug gently on a leaf will the root know?
The tree cant move is that really fair?
Grab a low branch, a high one might blow
It thinks to it's self do humans care.
Perhaps we should treat people just like trees.
Enjoy them without saying very much,
and comfort them, or help them feel at ease
Only give them a light and simple touch.
If only we were all made off wood
We'd talk less, and be better understood.


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