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War on America

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One day I woke in the nurturing hands
The word of war upon the freedom man
The music playing for the marching bands
As the land initiated our plan
To see the tear on pale liberty's face
We will once again be above our game
Our country not in terror or disgrace
We will not leave the nation's name in shame
Military fighting for with our planes
Will then come out, and run to be on top
And not letting them know of all our pains
To pummel and drop and bring them to stop
To raise America's flag in relief
Red, white, and blue and not lose the belief

"I turned around, in festive red she stood..." back to top

I turned around, in festive red she stood,
A vision so sweet and lovely, who knew?
That our lives would change, together we could,
Be in Love for one full year, through and through.
Her love is full and complete, kind and sweet,
Her slightest touch sends shivers down my back.
My heart misses beats when it’s near we meet,
When with her, there is nothing more I lack.
She sleeps and snoozes on the weekend late,
Resting from a full week’s energy spent.
Sweetness and kindness are her gifts so great,
I cherish it was for me she was sent.
One year is not enough, I need longer,
Day by day, my love for her grows stronger.


The Tale of the Blissful Doveback to top

Is not the roiling of the crown and free,
But the rage against the smirking titan?
And is this righteous cynic doomed to see
Himself unto the dark before descent?
We strive to see the reason for our deeds
Yet in the darkness grasp the ebbing rail
Should the light unto pitch be poured swiftly?
Or should the truth be dripped like noblest tale
Unto the burnished glass of the psyche?
What manner of god would take a spark, and
In so rude fashion cast it into pail?
The dove doth fly abreast the morning sail
And sing, for in its reckless blithe parade
It has no higher power to placate.

My Dadback to top

To me, my father is always the best
He is always there and is nice to me
I'll love him 'til the end, this is no test
My dad is great, even my friends can see
He always makes sure that I am okay
He can fix everything that I break
He is amazing, what more can I say?
He's very true to me, he is no fake
He does not always have to get his way
He works real hard to get where he is at
I love to talk to him every day
He is always there when I need to chat
I couldn't ask for a much better dad
Cuz he's the best and never makes me mad


"Born in December of forty-three"back to top

Born in December of forty-three
A moviemaker he wanted to be
James D. Morrison was his name
It was a struggle to fortune and fame
He felt his life was a snowy blizzard
He was greatly known as the king lizard
Jim had to move around form place to place
For a young child this was a disgrace
Thought his fortune held him making movies
Instead he had many women groupies
The songs he wrote were full of zest
L.A. women was one of his best
Drug abuse became his reputation
Which put him in a bad situation.

Flowersback to top

Flowers greet mother earth in the springtime
So cheerful and colorful they grow tall
To pick them too early should be a crime
They are home to the insects that can crawl

The sun caresses the colored petals
The wind blows through them like gentle water
The raindrops fills their cups like a kettle
The foggy mist beads on the buds softer

Some flowers only grow for a short time
Some return the next year to bring us joy
None are more pretty than the buds of mine
The violent storms try to come to destroy

No matter what may come of the flowers
In the field they will have the power


Sportsback to top

I enjoy playing football
I play it during the fall
I enjoy shooting the basketball
While playing in the gym hall
I enjoy swinging the bat
While wearing my baseball hat
I enjoy swimming in the pool
It makes me feel nice and cool
I enjoy using my racquet
Because the I can attack it
I enjoy playing softball
Its a lot harder than wiffleball
I enjoy running the track
The exercise doesn't hurt my back


Sonnet Writing back to top

How do you write a well written sonnet?
It's quite a big pain let me tell you what.
When your frustrated don't dig a deep rut.
Just stay patient and use your smart noggin.
Think of a cool subject and words that rhyme.
Carefulness is the key, follow the rules.
Before you know it you'll write like a fool.
You can write one about your emotions.
Or perhaps you don't want to write real deep.
When writing a sonnet there are rhythms.
No matter if you try hard, do not weep.
When your finished you will wonder why, how?
Take the strain off your brain before you sleep.
All your friends will be amazed and say wow!


Love ("O some think love is a wondrous thing") back to top

O some think love is a wondrous thing
With fireworks and sunsets and eternal bliss!
It begins with a ceremony and a ring
And truly represented by a kiss!
If only you and I could experience the wondrous things of love
but for now it is only in my dreams
like a beautiful, free fluttering dove
together forever like an endless stream
Your the one that shines with divine light
Today, tomorrow you are in my soul
Flying ahead to sleeping sun at night.
That together we can become a whole
This enthrallment of life sent from above
Beautiful, pure, nothing other than love


Star Sonnet back to top

Tonight the show'ring gems around us sing,
A song forever bright and burning be.
Confusion: numberless numberless numberless thing,
A sky as vast an empty heart as me.

'Low audience of two lay coffin-pair,
A haunting indecision colored black:
While present nights present a glow to share,
A future sunrise melts the starshine back.

Amidst the spinning speckles Constant stays,
A star of stars eternal in its place.
Pure rarity when hearts beat phase to phase,
A singularity with human face.

Polaris, am I staring at the one?
I listen to the rising of the sun.


Sonnet to Age and Time, from One too Young back to top

O tell me, wind, and lie not to this heart:
Thou keeper of the secrets of tomorrow,
Will he and I spend my whole life apart;
I e'en a second of his dear life borrow?
I'll live, shall I, my best years through his worst?
Pathetic Youth, so ever mocked by Time!
And curséd Age, in justice not well-versed —
They ever climb to clock's whip; ever climb.
Time laughs at me, O wind — I can't be brave,
For to his laughter cruel, all breathe last breath!
Ne'er lie with love but weeping on his grave:
My love, ne'er close we'll sleep until thy death.
And wretched Life after that tort'rous day,
When my one love's in ground as dead things lay.


Sonnet Sonnet back to top

"Sonnet", I said, "your depth and breadth and height
are less than a breadbox. Your flat metric feet
march out of step with now. You're obsolete;
still you persist. Free verse zooms in flight
in weightless jets; but you are poured concrete,
rigid and sot. So face this and accept defeat.
Go, gentle sonnet, into that last goodnight."

"You think to write me off?" replied the sonnet.
"Child, I'm historic; revered with the sons of Priam.
But where did you get this bee inside your bonnet?
Whence such ill will toward such a form as iamb???

I know I'm out of style, so I forgive you.
Despise me; castigate me; I'll outlive you."

[written sometime in the l980s.]


Your Kissback to top

At night as I lay down in bed to sleep,
I dream of you whom I could never see,
These feelings that I feel for you to deep,
Will never stop, what's come over me?

I never thought that I could feel like this,
This thing I fell is infatuation,
For someone I could never ever kiss,
Not love, just lust some kind of affection.

Personally you don't even know me,
Or the rules and morals that I stand for,
While I dream of being your bride-to-be,
Everyday I want for you more and more.

Everyday as I long for your sweet kiss,
And you don't even know that I exist!


Would You Love Me For Me back to top

Would you love me for me or for what I got.
Would you be there for me through thick and thin.
Be faithful and true and love me a lot.
Willing to commit and to be all in.

Give me all the nice things my heart desire.
Respect and honor me at all times.
You would be the only one I admire.
Take me to nice places to wine and dine.

Show me that you love me only for me.
Be the man of my dreams and a best friend.
Make sure that me and you will always be.
I hope our relationship never ends.

I will never stop loving you for you.
So I hope you feel the same way I do.


Sonnet 01 back to top

I want to fly up in the sky
but the trouble is I am always high
I have no A's in my G,C,E's
Its 'cause of my gammie knees
I fell down a hill, while munching on ham
was in hospital and missed all my exams
I live on the streets selling footballs
then one day I killed them all, them nasa fools
I was with my trial so I hid
I am now serving life for what I did
those songs they play are eating me away
I hate this place, I'll kill myself hay hay
I am finally for it I killed one to many
the chair is here, my life has ended


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