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As the sun went down, the world went round,
I didn't realize how much I cared,
for, when talking to you was never dared,
how soon I realized I have been found.
You have chosen me, now I am crowned.
Now we are one, we are joined, a pair.
You would cover my eyes from the Sun's glare.
You have come to me and saved me from drown.
As your lips touched mine, God gave a sign,
because I was in doubt, my words poured out.
I just can't come to grips with one more line.
Something felt bad, and so we took our own route.
But I prayed and asked help from up above.
There was a dove. It told me this was love.

Dying Love

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Here in this place: people live life to die.
Mourning she weeps, exhaustingly crying
Living each day reluctantly trying
To forget the day she never said bye
She watched him. With his dad he yearned to fly.
He wished for death, while constantly praying,
He would die, like his father, while hanging.
This is the place . . . where he let life pass by.

Here in this place: life should have few troubles.
His life lost was one that can't be undone.
Silently screaming, he wants you to hear
The person inside, the person in fear.
He's begging you please, don't leave him alone.
This is the place . . . Love dying, struggles.

Wake Thee Not If I be in Thy Dream

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As I watch thee sleep oh soft and sound
the earth her movement doth cease
the heavens upon thee gazing down
as the warmth in mine heart increase
What joyful dream doth stir thy sleep
when thy lips smile in the moons grace?
What deep secrets is it thy doth keep
but this moment drawn upon thy face?
My mind it says I must awake thee
and let thee know this hour I depart.
But want I not thy sadness for me
so let thee sleep on cries mine heart.
For if that „tis me within thy dream
then sleeps the better twould seem.

To Oscar Wilde

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To Oscar Wilde, with hair so long, untamed,
a veritable heathen in your day,
Never caring who it was you shamed,
Or what any other persons had to say.
Oscar Wilde, the Star-Child, never mild,
A literary lantern burning bright,
The room grew quiet whenever you smiled,
Did Reading Gaol prove your enemies right?
Or are those hypocrites long turned to ash,
Those who claimed morality as their cause;
Choked with horror they picked up blade to slash,
Our wit and consciousness with unjust laws.
However Oscar, you may rest assured,
That you survive those fools in sacred word.


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We've been at it now for years, trying to find
the godly below the ghost in the uppermost room.
Crusoe and Faust, Ahab and Leopold Bloom
are avatars of the modern undivine.
Portraits and still-lifes apotheosize the mundane;
no more Murillo madonnas in cherub-thronged skies.
A Rothko or a Pollack exemplifies
a mortal moment, beatific and/or insane.

But having thus for years successfully
discovered ourselves, let's not get ourselves stuck.
A self, mine or yours or Jackson Pollack's,
is simply not the point, essentially,
any more than was, for crusader or theologian,
the knucklebone of the blessed St. Ursula.

Sonnet III (On War): 11/11/1999

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I've ne'er kissed my mother for the last time,
Left a wife empty while I go to war,
Left, without a father, my child in prime
For peace: I have never gone to war.
Never has the bugle piercœd my ears,
Calling me to battle - to fight, to die:
Running, tripping o'er bodies, though the fears
Of my seventeen years, summed there, outcry.
I've ne'er wept with bullets stuck in my chest,
Lying in a muddy trench while soldiers
Trample me, limbs blue, sunken eyes: a nest -
Of death, of agony, prey - for vultures.
I have not suffered, died for you in war
But I'll ne'er forget what they did it for.

Beyond the Clouds

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As clouds above yield dreary days below
While high above the sunlight fills the sky
So just beyond the stormy clouds we fly
To places never seen our spirits go.
The brilliance of your love thou doth bestow;
It carries passion's pleasures on a sigh
That speaks of secret answers owning why
The love that binds our hearts doth overflow.

Now gone forever fear of hearts rejected,
To lose such love would be a wretched curse,
So feel the heavenly rays from clouds reflected,
And drown me in your love, my heart immerse;
Two souls shall touch once more with warmth expected
And mirror beauty of the universe.


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I have never cared about sharks
they can swim everywhere for all I care
patrolling the wide beaches of malibu
and off the long island state parks

just look at the bored lifeguard stare
hoping that a sharp fin comes into view
cutting through waves to the crowded beach
causing a panic stricken scare

here come hammerhead gray and blue
perhaps the sharks are singing each to each
perhaps they keep count of swimmers they chase
perhaps they don't care about you

o see the feared sea hunter full of grace
helpless in the aquarium case

Man vs. Nature

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Ignored since the origin of our time,
A battle that has no right and no wrong.
Trapped in their own worlds like the speechless mime,
There is no victor, there will be no song.

They have the power to destroy the other,
But in doing so, they would destroy themselves.
They believe they're smarter than their brother,
With their mountains of books on endless shelves.

They were the first to claim earth's fertile land,
They lived millions of years without fearing.
Time has passed and the hour-glass has lost sand,
Now they're in danger of disappearing.

Can they possibly coexist in peace,
Will the battle eventually cease.

Sonnet: I Attempt Confusion

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I like sonnets because they calm me down,
remeasuring the shadowy flood of leaves
when cement insists upon me, and the ground
is washed in soot (a candles ghostly grief.)

I was just thinking: a test, yes, but you cant
really ace life: more questions. I draw the ace
of hearts, meaning love, of course--red flame. I want
Indication of Order. on tests I rue mistakes.

simple: a red leaf is printed on this card
in brandy-colored candle-light. surprise.
everyone but me seems to know what mistakes are
I get meter, bare trees, and two concluding lines.

gods neural paths are traced across the sky
in fine black silhouette, frosting the sky.


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come lightning sudden unexpected rain
a wind and spirit driven blessing wet
with hope in felt desire turn weather vane
spin sharply trembling overwhelmed by threat
of pain in rush of pleasure piercing ache
unfilled a wanting empty space come sky
to earth in drenching water flood to wake
from thirst the sleeping green within the dry
and waiting depth of flower bloom come earth
to sky in colors rising under blue
eternal moment of creation worth
all risk to grow of now the one from two
come him to her come her to him above
beneath between in mud rich new come love

The Way We Were

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I knew you came from the heavens above
From the moment I gazed into your eyes
Knowing my heart longs for your precious love
For your endless beauty my heart now cries

At times all I ever wanted was you
For you're the one who was close to my heart
Now i know that you are my dream come true
I thought that we would never be apart

Now we've fallen apart from each other
And now I feel the things that I most fear
For now your love belongs to another
It brings pain to my heart without you here

Maybe one day we will be together
For my heart belongs to you forever


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How my heart soars with your love, which abounds.
A love that seems timeless in each moment,
I race to embrace the passion you stir
When I behold the sparkle in your eyes.
Which seem as emeralds bright in the sun.
I am empowered by your love for me
And observe the value of this balance,
That surrounds us with eternal blessings.
We engage the desire that stirs within,
Ponder holding close this love day and night.
Whether the warmth of your body lay close,
While you sleep as the beauty of my dreams
Or awaken with a kiss from my lips.
Will you be my endless valentine love?

A Tender Piece of Me

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I hate that you have left me alone
You have gone where discomfort is without trace
I mask pain with a smile but inside I moan
Now days are filled with empty space
Death laughs in my face as evil haunts me.
Angels came down as you left my presence
Joy was important now anger fill me
Ashamed of anger, I now pray for repentence.
Snow was on the ground when I heard the news;
You have a very special place in my heart
Thought of it make me wants to sing the blues
Why did my father and I have to part?
You are in me so I wake every mourn
Waiting to see you when angels sound the horn.


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The pounding of the surf; the beating of one's heart,
Both being motivated by the desire to live.
Waves cling to the shore amid demands to depart,
Finally succumbing, with no more strength to give.
The tide seeks out its prey, reaching out in despair
Grasping whatever happs to stand in its pathway
Finally, it draws back, recoils..defeated fair
It recedes and then in anger slithers away.
Back in retreat it flows, but strength comes from the sea
As its mighty power is now regained once more
Once again, empowered with renewed strength and fury,
It hastens back and crashes down upon the shore.

This time the shore relinquishes its weak'ning hold
The sea has won again, the story timelessly told


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Eye-lashed mandalas, food, walk and walk down
threads of anthracitic wonder, stumbling,
a little stupid. The favored may drown,
throw numbers. Think that thing apart, nothing.
Jesus maryjaned a softer focus:
A flighted taxiing in rain. Bone dry
sheets of time broomed, a pattern broke us.
I want to shatter, believe. Breathe. Try to die.
Answer a question with yes, blink, and twitch.
Awake in my eyes are shuddering thighs,
grip fasted and true, ascent into pitch,
a crazing as of ice. Gargoyles of lies.
I favor you with a glance, and you freeze:
You can't stop staring honey at the bees.

A Deaf Girl

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The deaf girl is a good student in classes
who has a good working dog for the deaf, but
Sometimes she almost forgets her glasses.
When her mother cooks the cookies she theft,
When her sister bother, and she goes telling,
She goes to the store with a handsome man,
Her dog gets big and she wants to be selling.
Mike Long is her wonderful nice husband,
She enjoys to watch the big band and clap,
Megan and Mike enjoy talking together,
When her teacher is talking she takes a nap,
She goes to teacher's desk and wants to gather
a small piece of candy from the teacher's can,
To eat outside while she gets a suntan.

How Can Thy Love Fail?

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How can thy love fail? I try not to cry
I cannot sleep at night, for I still love thee
You are on my mind, that i can't deny
What can i do? The thought of you won't let me be
For i can not rest, therefore i can not dream
but what is a dream? It is but a vision
But why do you make me want to scream?
I love to have you with me, I imagine
I wish we could still be one, but that ideas wrong
I can't live without you, what can I do?
I want to sing you a beautiful love song
You broke my heart, but yet you still try to woo
I want you back,yet you don't express your feelings
I could never love another like I loved you

The Series

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The Fibonacci numbers start with ought,
Then one, then one, then two, then three, then five,
Then eight, thirteen, and onward, spiralling toward light,
Infinity, and all the things that live.

They rule the "stately mansions" of the leaves
And blooms and seedling cones and gyring thoughts
Of Yeats, the ordering that chaos loves
To build as chance deforms our sprawling lots.

There is no perfect order, chaos neither
In any macro-micro world perceived
By human probes, a number series rather
Teases to thought with certainty removed.

The backyard Norway pine has dropped Spring cones,
And children's romps extend the living zones.

A Winter Sonnet

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I feel cheated out of Winter's best:
No light shines as I reach the doors,
No one's coat hangs damp in my tiny nest,
The clouds just dark the day, the rain just pours;
Someone must smile to see the new gloves I've bought,
And warm eyes must touch me as I bundle tight;
As much as I wish this, of this, I have not,
So I sit sleepless and stirred in a cold night;
There are no calm words to hear amidst a storm,
That claws and threatens and mocks of doom;
Where is one to feel lucky with, we, safe and warm,
While lightning's light spits and engulfs the room;
Winter is not Winter, despite the clouds above,
For I have not warmed myself with my Love.

Sonnet #1

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Hibiscus shows red, one bloom at a time;
Easter cactus drops petals in July.
A visora flowers between coupled spines
with drabs of clear sap after weak buds die.

These are my wife's to grow, or at least try -
exotics far from where they first succeed.
Though I enjoy them, each pleasant to my eye,
I most admire those seen as common weed:

Golden poppy, Queen Anne's Lace gone to seed,
purple foxglove trumpets, dandelion's
surprise bloom in winter, bright pink fireweed,
and many more made plain by God's design.

Watch rose and yarrow brown in autumn rain.
As the year fades by, did we lose or gain?

Not even if my life depended. . .

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I am a mute man, exploding with words
the answer is clear, but just won't come out
flying in my head like a flock of birds
as my life depends, yet i still can't shout

why's it so hard? just like walking a yard
just to let her know, that's all i desire
feel as if i have to wait for the card
those deep brown eyes always boost me higher

maybe one day i'll let the person know
if i could just explode with the right speech
portrayed foolishly i'll go lengths below
dream we'll be perfect like sand on a beach

here i sit mute, waiting in the silence
yearning to explode, wishing ambience

Bear Sonnet

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There is a scent of trouble in the air
insipid, creeping 'cross the face of us
as fog caresses like an octopus
the mountain creavices hollow, time-worn wear.
To think the unthinkable question of our despair
inhibits depth and height from which cumulus
possessions, unpresidented, treacherous
begin the fall of economical bears.
The roller coaster journey rough and steep
while rounding corners sharp and s-shaped curves
arouses patriots from satisfied sleep
exposing pulsating, frantic nerves.

Uncontrolled descending economies
will write some scathing epitomies.


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For Gwendolyn Brooks

In eclipse, she crosses the stage then sits.
She nearly disappears into the chair
Except that her face is quick and full. Its
Like a dusky harvest moon, round and near
Above us as we work late to gather
The last of her season's bounty of words
And verses; of admonitions rather
Like the rebukes of a mother or birds
On a wire chiding a cat. She rises.
She waxes to the lectern increasing
In brilliance. She speaks and her voice prizes
Sound; the music of the spheres unceasing.

Her chant exits the room to sojourn in
Deep Olduvai and in the guts of men.

The Change

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As I see the world change before my face.
The bright light seems dim in the foggy night,
though the time gets shorter, I need some space.
As the light starts to fade I try to fight.
Still with all my strength and might I hold on.
Within the limits it is my duty.
Through the trance the image seems to be gone.
Further I get I sense untamed beauty.
Slowly, I started to move very close.
Closer I got, the warmer it became.
Something is there I know in my heart most.
Close enough I can feel the primitive fame.
The whitest ghost without even a flaw.
That's when God had made his gentle last call.


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He hates himself, he can still hear them all,
Teasing and torturing like they're the best.
He remembers the names they used to call,
Moron, loner, spastic. . . you know the rest.
He can recall the first time it occurred,
His head hit the ground like a huge boulder,
The entire school saw him, it was absurd,
He knew it would worsen as he grew older
Soon it became a big part of his life,
Beaten, excluded and teased, what a crime.
That's why he's angry, why he buys the knife,
He's home alone, this is the perfect time.
He slits his wrists and there's blood on the floor,
Picture his parents. . .they open the door.


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Within this rocky shell, deep churning gyres
Drive the measured movements of the crust;
They rend the ocean floor with basalt fires,
And throw bold mountains up from mud and dust.
Broad oceans close and continents collide.
Great mountains rise, and wash down to the sea.
Nothing lasts forever, nothing will abide;
Ceaselessly returning, recycled endlessly.
Monuments will fall, libraries burn and drown;
All our bold proposals, swiftly perish;
This dominance, a swiftly broken crown,
And permanence: a small conceit we cherish.
I have no more ambition, I will not strive
But to simply live, and to simply love.

Together You and I

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Together you and I slave from the cold
Starlight lay among the jealous darkness
This is an image I want to behold
Mock the moon and live in its emptiness.

I feel the gentle night breeze as I sleep
To worship and show the burden of love
For the burden of lust is far too deep
To be covered with the heavens above.

Today, tomorrow you are in my soul
I pray to the Lord with all of my might
That together we can become a whole
And that you will hold me so tight tonight.

For the seasons change, they come and they go
But we will never change this we both know.


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Together we lust in the cold night air.
As we make love I groped her heart.
As she sleeps I run my hands through her hair.
I worshiped every moment to be smart.

Every time we are apart hurts my girl.
Every time we go out people follow us around,
and yet we are alone in our own world.
In our own little world close to the ground.

Hope that our summer love will never fade.
As we spent those months together cherished.
The grass and your eyes are as green as jade,
And I hoped that we would not be perished.

So long as we can breathe or eyes can see
This poem will forever give life to thee.

Fear Nemesis

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The fear from inside comes out to haunt you
It knows your weaknesses, and how you think
Carefully it probes, like you're something new
By you, it lies, and flashes you a wink
Its jaws open and a liquid runs out
Saliva seeps in your horror filled vien
Shivers run down as you let out a shout
It cocks a loud laugh, as if it's insane
As it's cackling, you see its green eyes
Open wide to show a menacing stare
With each harsh word it says, your spirit dies
One by one it lists off its tales to share
In its clawed hand is your last, deepest fear
It forces you to look, you're forced to hear.


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Motorbikes come in two strokes and sizes
Motorbikes come with two wheels or four wheels
If you win a race you will get many prizes
Motorbike dealers give very good price deals

Ricky's lucky colour pants is yellow
Ricky Carmichael rides a green machine
Ricky has fallen to the earth below
When Ricky cleans his motorbike it shines

Motorbike riders are good at jumping
Motorbike riders do tricks in the air
When they jump up into the air flying
Another rider can share a big dare

Australasian Dirt Bike is a good mag
Riders bring a massive branded gear bag

The Ways of Life

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Life is a strange long roller coaster ride,
You choose the way to live your gift,
It can be misery or be your pride,
The reward you have received will lift.
It shall end soon, everything alike;
The reward is not to be left fallow,
It shall be used to the max of delight,
It turns out to be what road you follow.
Odd things will happen when time comes and goes,
My life has turned out to what I have hoped,
But still, there is a short, steep and dull slope,
I face gauntlets, with a heart of roses
I do not run from fights, or break the codes;
But life is what you make it, your own road.

Sonnet #1

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My love denied by societys law.
Claimed as immoral and unjustified.
Yet my hand from yours I will not with draw,
For my souls mate I will embrace with pride.
I stand before all shameless and steady.
Facing judgments of ones who think they know,
The meaning of the book they hold so heavy.
Yet through these people truth will never flow.
Sadly I know they will not understand,
Why my heart leads me to this place of sin.
Falling in love is one thing never planned.
For I know all the lessons learned with in.
So at me cast the first stone if you must,
The answers we will learn when we are dust.


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When at night I walk among the city's tomb
The madness wears me - sizeless rubber glove.
Grendel retreats; I for that empty womb
That safe house and cavernous mouth of love.

Haunting lakes with the same sad song; a loon
requiem. The heart cold and forever dead
Groaning as kathrin's ghost for the groom,
headless the horseman looking for his head.
These cold streets with dimensions built in hell
where souls eat longing and a bitter bread,
malnourished humor, salted, mummified as prunes;
With them walk I; no comfort lies in bed.

Dark is the world above whenever love has died
For death to a lover is, whenever love's denied.

Megan's Sonnet

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I've wondered for so long just how you are,
so many times, that distant part of me,
ever so close, and yet so very far
away from what I am, and what must be.
Those times with you, I hope you hold them dear
as I will treasure just the thought of you,
throughout my life, as I do now, and here,
and always I shall feel the way I do.
Could I reach you, if I'd see you again;
And would you touch me, as you've done before?
Or would I cower, turn and run, and then
still wonder if I might have loved you more?
There's little more to say, I love you still
and you should know, perhaps, I always will.


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