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As death eludes the posse of our thought
Which stalls in awe to shiver at the brink,
The gaunt mythology which we've been taught
Both cripples and corrupts the way we think.
Instead of celebrating self alive
With legs to roam the earth, and eyes to see,
We're thankless for the chance to work and thrive.
No joy is found inventing lock or key.
No happiness or laughter swells inside
To creshendo in oceanic bliss,
To feel the spray blown off the turning tide
Or greet the one who loves you with a kiss.
Our consciousness, more than star in the dark
Was meant to super-nova in huge arc.

"How can our love survive the long long wait?"back to top

How can our love survive the long long wait?
The man of my dreams so far away from me.
But our longing hearts our pushed by our fate.
Soft calm toned voice full of loving words has he.
His bright warm smile rivals the sun's on shine.
The sky of his eyes sparkles with tiny stars.
Our love's scent is that of trees of pine.
And our love can not be held behind cold bars.
Maybe Earth will take us in her green arms.
On the love path faith chooses to guide us.
Keeping us safe from loves many harms.
Loving is living but people will still make a fuss.
The things that are keeping us far far apart,
Will soon bring us together my sweetheart.

Untitled (from a southern sky to her dimmed northern star)back to top

Wasting away in sweet mutilation,
Angst from his veins pools on the bruised floor.
Slipping away from his concentration,
His life in my hands, as I lick his sores.
Bittersweet love sheds blood for his sadness;
Staggers through a world of ungoverned pain.
Feigned by illusions and falls into madness,
Life lacks a warmth to desiccate his rain.
But suddenly in darkness and black mist
An innocent light seeps through unknown cracks.
In this pure state your bleeding wounds be kissed,
By never seeking sorrow, this dove lacks.
In this salvation the vast ocean brings,
Complex minds don’t weep, they forever sing.


The Stingback to top

Loan sharks, backbiting tongues flick, backlash,
Stakes have risen; my lips curl in worry.
Lean is their flesh, raw eyes; they’re calling ‘cash’.
Dense bailiffs, maggot gnawing in a flurry
Stand plum-faced with overactive mandibles,
Barking words that are thin and papery.
I dribble ideas; kick foul, fallen apples,
Brake dust, shafts of light show in drapery.
Finally, I slake their thirst for gold. Sailing
Anger, they ransack my goods with two
Sledge hammers, humped-back crooks trailing
Gunk on the sails of my being, but few
Do they salvage. Now I sleep in streets rife
With hardship, beaten not broken in life.


The Prefix and the Suffix…A Sonnet…back to top

Relax your mind, prepare to be amazed,
Permit the prefix to enlighten you.
Its use assists texts to become re-phrased,
But do beware, for problems may ensue.
The opposite extreme may be portrayed,
If undue care is not always employed.
Nonsense results if sense becomes mislaid,
Good use, ensures your writing is enjoyed.
The suffix is so much more comfortable,
Indulgence will cause writers less distress.
Its constant blamelessness is admirable,
There’s hope in hopeless and in hopelessness.

So orators and authors all, take heed,
Know which concludes and which should antecede.


Great Is His Nameback to top

I’m undeserving of the Potter’s Hand
Who lovingly grants me His sincere grace,
Who protects me so I’m able to stand
Where I experience His warm embrace.

I look to Him for guidance day to day
Since life’s choices can be so challenging.
If I choose wrong a great price I must pay,
But frees me from the snares of fallacy.

He enriches me with comfort and peace
Peace to get through all my grief to endure
The irate storm He softly commands “Cease,
Do not flood her existence anymore”.

He is forevermore my “Great I Am”
He is forevermore my “Precious Lamb”.

Dominique back to top

She loves his eyes, his nose and his body.
Dominique is not the best man in school.
My friend Lauren loves him 'cause he's a fool.
Oh how she thinks he is such a hottie,
Lauren likes him 'cause he is so naughty.
Dominique is nice and he is so cool.
She thinks he is the coolest guy in school.
She pets him like he's a little doggie.
She often thinks about him in the nude.
My friend Lauren can never get enough.
She thinks Dominique was sent from above.
To Lauren, Dominique is never rude.
Lauren loves him, and all of his cool stuff.
Lauren knows they will always be in love.


The Magic of Roses back to top

Roses, have sweet and flowery petals.
Roses, soft and velvety to the touch.
Roses, much more precious than fine metals.
Roses, all girls love getting them oh so much.

A single rose brings out sparkles in eyes.
A dozen brings out all true feelings inside.
Roses wash away all mistakes and lies.
Roses help one hold their head up with pride.

A red rose can show the love from your hearts.
A white rose shows how good of friends you are.
A yellow rose can show off your smarts.
A pink rose, you'd like your love to go far.

So send a rose to your loved one today,
they'll know you love them in a special way.


Father's Day back to top

He tried to make it seem like no big deal.
On the street she'd been flashing her breast
She asked only to be treated with respect
and for a hundred ru he'd get a feel
but for two she would willingly kneel.
"It's just business" she said, "love undressed,
with a woman you don't have to caress.
Everyone gets something that's hard, and real."

But I knew him before he listened to his father
a man who visited the whorehouse
of every city his cock pointed to.
You hear the son and wonder why I bother
defend this "boy" who pays to cheat his spouse?
Well you know, good men worship their dads too.

Note: This is second draft.


"Though yielding softly..." back to top

Though yielding softly to your gentle touch
And trailing languorous limbs upon the grass
I have no cause for weeping overmuch
For that which now will never come to pass.

I loved you deeply; long as oaken root
Clings to earth to draw its sustenance,
But much too long. I languish at your foot
And patient, creep in shadow cold and dense.

Your tyranny has left me without power
These branches boldly toward the sky to send.
Still, I am stronger than the wilted flower,
For, like the willow, I have learned to bend;

And though I seem to weep and bow full low,
My heart floats freely in the winds' sweet flow.


The Best Sonnet back to top

To Keren

Forgive me Keren, but I have to write;
I write in fear lest you may fear to much;
Yet I must know my rhymes come to thy sight,
Thus your bright soul my wretched soul may touch.
Few months will pass, to past my frame may turn,
If cruel reality our lives shall split;
When last we meet my heart will ever burn,
But cooled it be when your eyes my words hit.
Though I love thee, in love with thee I'm not;
Though I'm in love, I love thee not as should
My brain as heart, which turns my sense to thought,
Refusing love in my limbs to include.
There is much love in what is good and true,
The sin is theirs, who have no love for you!


Epistle To The Enlightened back to top

Latterly so little is there left to me to show
That once upon the surface of the Earth I trod.
What love now does humanity for each other know?
Nor treat another yet except to ride roughshod.
What hearth of hospitality against the storm
Makes light of understanding cheer the way?
To leave the dying man upon the road, is that the norm?
'Emergency services now exist', I hear you say,
'we know which side our bread's buttered on my friend,
we've put safety belts in cars and go at twice the speed,
and should the devil take the hindmost, government forefend,
we carry so much insurance we shall not need.'
The Samaritan, in my day was oft treated with hate
But today's blind indifference leads to far worse fate.


Pain is of Happiness back to top

My love is like to happiness, and I to pain
How then it that comes his happiness so great
Is not solv'd through my painful desire,
But grows so much harder the more to his beg.
O' how it comes to my lungful pain
Is not disturbed by his soul of happiness
But that I of pain show more in shame,
And feel the happiness around me to unfold?
What astonishing affair my exist.
That pain, which hardened with meaningless bliss
Should stir pain by wonderful creation?
Such is the control of happiness in placid minds
That can accommodate plenary circuit of nature.

Basketball back to top

Basketball I love with my heart and soul
I cherish if like platinum an gold jewels
To be the best at the game is my goal
And if I don't I'll be like a bull
It was started early nineteen hundreds
Played by male and female athletics
Coordination is the key, tall is the ticket
I have all the game and the tactics
The best game in the whole wide world
Played in all countries and all nations
Discovered by men, but played by girls
The highest part of the game is waiting
Played by many, but loved by tiny
The game I love the game behind me


Why Is Love Filled With Pain? back to top

My life is like to love, and I to pain
How then it comes his love so great
Is not solv'd through my painful cries,
But grows much harder the more to his sie's.

O' how it comes to my longful pain
Is not disturbed by his soul so love
But that I of love show more in shame,
And feel the love around me unfold?

What astonishing affair my exist
That love, which hardened with meaningless bliss,
Should stir pain by wonderful creation
Such is the control of love in placid mist.

That can accommodate plenary circuit of nature,
And call thy love for life a fole.


Ideal Reflection back to top

In the world of indecision I stumbled,
Falling from hands too weak to hold,
And to the ground my perfection crumbled,
Allowing my faults to be foretold.

Down my face poured the tears of rage,
At the sight of malicious reality,
Take the key, unlock the cage,
And create a vision of the real me.

The image I've portrayed is almost unreal,
For all my passion and desire,
I created what I thought to be ideal,
And was burnt away by inner fire.

And for all my wishes of perfection,
I grew to hate my own reflection.


Attempt back to top

How could I ever write an ode for you?
To capture the deep of those dark brown eyes
Or the strength in your hands, I could not do.
What song could smile your smile, immortalize
The melody others would call your voice?
Or color show the richness of your mind?
What paints would provide an adequate choice
Or do justice to something so divine?
There is no tongue nor scale from which to build
Prose nor poem nor melody nor song
That relates anything but you distilled;
The greatest painter's skill would do you wrong.
So thus, the only place to discover
Your true loveliness is in my lover.

Sonnet 5 back to top

For in darkness I see nothing clearly
Blindness overwhelms my senses and thus
I left in search of truths of which disgusts
Me and again I long for night abundantly.
But one truth does bring light in heavenly
Of thy love sweet and charming with out fuss.
Wait I for thy love to bring light to me
And clear my darkness and its mystery.
But thou has thy own truths to discover
For thy light will bestow upon just one
Who pleases thee more than the other one.
And in darkness I wait for thee forever.
Blinding my senses and
Leaving me in jealousy


The Sunset back to top

I see the sun suspended in the sky,
Between the clouds, above the quiet lake.
While sitting on a cliff that's closest by,
Of lovely scenery I can partake.

The sky is purple, orange, pink, and red,
All blended in a spectrum by the sun,
All lying on their multicolor bed.
My day eventually became outdone.

I'd hate to go back home and not return,
And leave the cliff to go far, far away.
But one thing out here that you have to learn,
Is sunsets don't last an entire day.

So I will leave and I will come back soon,
Until that time will come, I'll watch the moon.


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