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Track Phoenixback to top

I start warming up getting ready to race
I am nervous cause of my competition
But I know that I can keep a fast pace
And burn up the track like its my mission
Stepping into the blocks I raise up high
Like a phoenix rising up from the flame
I kick up my heels and begin to fly
Putting all the other atheletes to shame
As my footsteps become my thunder cry
I muscle for rank and capture the lead
Going so fast my rockets will not die
Turning the last corner needing my speed
Sprinting even faster now I can't give in
I'm a Whitman trackie no doubt I'll win

"I'm spending too much time on Button Men"back to top

I'm spending too much time on Button Men;
I do not mean to do it but I do.
Each morning I vow not to play again,
But evening comes and once again I rue
My wasted day spent rolling phantom dice.
I always try to figure out the odds,
But every time I calculate them twice
I get a different answer! Oh, you Gods,
You play with us in weird games of your own
And mock me, making all my dice roll low.
A speed attack defeats me as I groan,
"I should stop now and go to bed" -- but no,
I won't retire from the bloodless fight:
My DSL connection's on all night.

My Mother back to top

My mother is very special to me
I will never forget thee things about her
There for me no matter what might occur
For mother of the year, she's my honoree
Even though her life is very low-key
If I need advice, to her I am refer
I feel so lucky to have a mom like her
One who ties to make my life so carefree
With my mom I feel a special bind
It has been there since a long time ago
It won't go away for as I live
My mom is definitely one of a kind
I want to tell her: I want her to know
I appreciate all the love that she gives


Toxic Way of Life back to top

Chemicals on my face, some without grace,
Chemicals in my hair, make it not fair,
That I do see you but you do not care.
You say you're there that's not the case,
Thinking I'm happy and pretty in lace.
Yet I can feel by the way your eyes stare,
That in my eyes you don't see the pain there.
See the tears and hurt in my face,
You do not see the real me inside here,
Nor will you ever see inside yourself.
Do know that I love you with all my heart
But with the way you are my mind does fear,
That you won't be there for me and give help.
Do not leave me all alone in the dark.


Perfect back to top

If ever there was one pure it was her
No imperfections in her will you find
Her ever-soothing voice sings soft and clear
The only problem is that she's not mine

Among the finest she will catch your eye
But my desire is not just for her flesh
I see her with him and I wonder why
Somehow I know someday I'll pass the test

Lonely as the sun searching for the west
I'll make it through, my help is from above
I'm not that patient but I do my best
I know someday I'll finally taste her love

When that day comes my world will be complete
Being with someone so graceful and sweet


Dharma Bumming back to top

"You know, it sparkles anyway, the grime,"
She says as we walk down cold, windy streets
Splashed with skyscraper's shadows, "and the time
Slips through splayed fingers. Try to feel the beat."
I have never felt the universal
Soul this deeply; sweet, warm breath down my neck
Like love's kisses. "Is the thump heard by all?"
I ask her as we start my urban trek.
Softly, she whispers, "take a moment and
Hear the rhythm of the city. Don't breathe."
I have given a pulse to what I have planned.
You give a color to the cloth we weave.
Dig the beat taught to us by Kerouac,
Drink wine by candle, part in a shack.


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