Barry Straton (1854-?)

Text from A Century of Canadian Sonnets.

"Studied law, but the confinement proving detrimental to his health, he resorted to farming." (A Treasury of Canadian Verse)

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Columbus came to thee and called the new!
New World to him, but thy rich blood, bright gold,
Lay cold where once the fires manifold
Raged fiercely. New? Primeval forests grew,
Had fallen, and were coal! Thine eagles flew
Undaunted then as now, and where the bold
South Rocky Mountains rise in fold on fold
The Aztec to his God the victim slew.
The tropic verdure of thy far north world
Had passed for ever, moon-like fading out.
Sky-piercing mounts have reared them from the seas--
The lost Atlantis has been depth-ward hurled,
Since thou wert new!--Old! all thy landmarks shout
And bid us read thy waiting mysteries.