Linda Huntley Sigourney (1791-1865)

From The Sonnet in American Literature

Linda Huntley Sigourney seems to have written but one sonnet. [from "Poems," Philadelphia, 1846, p. 221]

To the Evening Primrose

Pale Primrose! lingering for the evening star
To bless thee with its beam,--like some fair child
Who, ere he rests on Morpheus' downy car,
Doth wait his mother's blessing, pure and mild,
To hallow his gay dream. His red lips breathe
The prompted prayer, fast by that parent's knee,
Even as thou rear'st thy sweetly fragrant wreath
To matron Evening, while she smiles on thee.
Go to thy rest, pale flower! the star hath shed
His benison upon thy bosom fair,
The dews of summer bathe thy pensive head,
And weary man forgets his daily care;--
Sleep on, my rose! till morning gilds the sky
And bright Aurora's kiss unseal thy trembling eye.

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