J. Almon Ritchie (?-?)

Text from A Century of Canadian Sonnets.

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With throb of throstle and with throat of wren,
Full of soft cheepings comes the longed-for May;
With myriad murmuring life throughout each day,
It grows and greens in grove and field and glen.
Gleam marigolds across each fragrant fen;
The fields grow bright with dandelion gold;
The buttercups are yellow on the wold,
Till all the earth is made glad unto men.
And thus May comes most like some sylvan queen,
Her trailing garments fringed with green and gold;
And passes by with shimmer and with sheen
Of all her verdure, till she reach the fold
That rose-crowned June will offer her between
His flower-wreathed arms in fragrances untold.