Samuel Minturn Peck (1854-1886)

"From Cap and Bells." (Sharp)

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O Sleep, good mother of enchanting dreams,
Within thy soothing arms oh let me lie,
What time the night-wind sings a lullaby,
And the moon kisses down with cooling gleams,
Mine eyelids weary of day's sultry beams;
Then let thy rarest visions come anigh,
Dead hopes fulfilled in perfect radiancy,
Whose fairness all my waking pain redeems;
With Loline let me stray through jasmine bowers,
A balmy world of love whose stars are flowers,
Where zephyrs sigh in such a tender way
They seem to breathe the words we long to say;
And when these dreams have come, good Sleep, ah then
I pray thee do not let me wake again.

(Text from American Sonnets)