Our Father in Heaven (Sonnet 4)

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God's Kingdom

"Thy kingdom come."

THY kingdom come! All kingdoms, Lord, are Thine,
Since the first throne of mortal power was set,
And while there shall be earthly kingdoms yet,
With wrongs to gloom, or righteousness to shine!
All these exist, and serve Thy vast design,
Nor rise nor fall but by Thy wisdom let.
Happy the kings who own to Thee their debt,
For all the length and lustre of their line.

Thy kingdom shall endure when Time shall cease,
Its sceptre Truth, and Holiness its throne;
Of saints and angels the eternal home--
Ruled by Love's perfect law, and zoned by Peace.
Our birthright only in Thy Son we own,
And with His breath we pray, "Thy kingdom come!"