Margaret Fuller Ossoli (1810-1850)

"A woman of genius rather than a writer of genius, and a remarkable figure in the literary history of America." (Sharp)

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Each Orpheus must unto the depths descend,--
For only thus the poet can be wise;
Must make the sad Persephone his friend,
And buried love to second life arise;
Again his love must lose through too much love,
Must lose his life by living life too true,
For what he sought below is passed above,
Already done is all that he would do;
Must tune all being with his single lyre,
Must melt all rocks free from their primal pain,
Must search all Nature with his one soul's fire,
Must bind anew all forms in heavenly chain.
If he already sees what he must do,
Well may he shade his eyes from the far-shining view.

(Text from American Sonnets)