Love Sonnets of an Office Boy (Sonnet 28)

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THE chap's a beau we didn't know she had,
He come from out of town somewhere, they say;
I hope he's awful homely, and that they
Will fight like cats and dogs and both be sad.
But still there's one thing makes me kind of glad:
The long-legged clerk must stay and work away,
And, though he keeps pretendin' to be gay,
It's plain enough to see he's feelin' bad.

I wish when I'm a man and rich and proud,
She'd see me, tall and handsome then, and be
Blamed sorry that she didn't wait for me,
And that she'd hear the people cheerin' loud
When I went past, and down there in the crowd
I'd see her lookin' at me sorrowf'ly.