Mary Morgan (c. 1856-?)

Text from A Century of Canadian Sonnets.

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Good Deeds

(Founded on a Persian Legend)

The child asks, "Is it true?" The story's old,
Of a brave youth who all on good intent
Alone about the world unwearied went
For love of human kind, nor sought for gold.
His face was beautiful with thought; his hold
Of life but frail--as if he had been meant
For gentle ways, and could not have been sent
To battle with a world that bought and sold.
A wistful far-off look grew in his eyes
As if they said to all, "Good-night, farewell!"
Farewell it was. In groves of paradise
A radiant maiden meets him. "Who art thou?"
He asks. "For none so fair on earth did dwell."
"I am thy deeds," she says, "that greet thee now!"