T. McCall

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Man Seems a Waif

Man seems a waif cast on the stream of Time,
That bears him onward to the unknown shore;
That longed-for, feared, dread, mysterious clime,
Toward which all hasten--to return no more.
Yet not so helpless is he as he seems,
Nor void of power to guide life's barque aright,
If Faith sits at the helm, and Hope's bright beams
Shine o'er the troubled waters when 'tis night,
Guiding and cheering like a beacon light,
Till peace is gained and life's cares gone like dreams.
Thence looking back o'er Time's brief, troubled way,
How vain must seem each earthly joy or care!
This thought should cheer us on from day to day,
To work, and wait, to bear, and to forbear.