John E. Logan (?-?)

"A writer of fugitive verse of much beauty." (from A Treasury of Canadian Verse)

Text from A Century of Canadian Sonnets.

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The Harmonies of Silence

So more than beautiful you looked to-night
In some calm moments, as if perfect good
Alone made up your sum of womanhood,
It seemed so needless that your eyes were bright,
So little that your thought could wing its flight
In faithful cadence to my varying mood:
The very music of your voice was rude
Awakening from the silence's delight.

Oh! There are moments when the soul can read
The knowledge writ in darkness, and can hear
The harmonies of silence like a song.
There is no truth, if this belief be wrong;
To-night you lived such moments, and I, near,
Caught echoes of an anthem and a creed.