Maria W. Jones

"Contributor to Magazines" (Sharp)

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Paradise Regained

The circling hills of woods and clouds snow-white
Held, in the golden hour of eventide,
The lake by which I walked, and seemed to hide
From view a world yet lovelier, whose light
Streamed up behind their heights and made them glow,
As wrapped in purest flame, and flung on high
Bright flakes of glory 'gainst the pale blue sky
Which bridged with paths of light the lake below.
I felt sweet music, that I could not hear,
I saw a poem that I could not read,
"What place is this," I cried! Lo, at my need,
Two lovers passed,--"'Twas Paradise! for clear
I saw it shining in his happy eyes,
I heard it murmur'd in her low replies.

(Text from American Sonnets)