Richard Bingham Davis (1771-1799)

"Richard Bingham Davis has three sonnets in his Poems, N. Y., 1807." (Sterner)

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To Felicia

When, through the dark damp mists of tedious night,
Sweet lucid tints announce the cheerful day,
Gay beats the enthusiast heart that hails the ray
Illuminating scenes of new delight.
When, the long dreary reign of Winter past,
The landscape brightens, and the wild flowers bloom;
When every gale wafts music and perfume,
Rich is the fancy's treasure, sweet the soul's repast.
Such, in the circle where Felicia shines,
Are Friendship's feelings on her blest return;
Friendship--who for her loss no more repines,
But bids each anxious bosom cease to mourn.
To hail Felicia is our sweet employ,
And every sense and every heart is joy.

(Text from The Sonnet in American Literature.)