Richard Henry Dana (1787-1879)

"Richard Henry Dana wrote but one sonnet." (Sterner)

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To a Garden Flower Sent Me by a Lady

No, not in woods, nor fells, nor pastures wild,
Nor left alone to changeful nature's care,
You opened on the light and breathed the air;
But one with blush like thine, and look as mild
As dewy morn, with love all undefiled,
Chose out a kindly spot, and made thy bed
Safe from the cruel blast and heedless tread,
And watched thy birth, and took thee for her child;
And human hands solicitous have trained
Thy slender stalk, and eyes on thee have dwelt
Radiant with thought, and human feelings rained
Into thy bosom, e'en till thou hast felt
That through thy life a human virtue ran;
And now art come to greet thy fellow man.

(Text from The Sonnet in American Literature.)