Hannah Cowley (1743-1809)

This is assumed to be a poem about Cowley's daughter, who died in 1789. (Blunden & Mellor)

Night Walk in a Garden

Ye jessamines that beneath the lunar ray
Unfold your virgin robes, your modest grace,
Imparting odours you denied the day
Though day's own light condensed adorns your race!
Ye stars, that quivering midst yon azure sky,
From forth your circles softened lustre stream,
And raise towards you calm devotion's eye,
And seed to lonely love a soothing beam,
Why cease you now to charm as erst ye did?
Why free from rapture move I now along?
Ye scents, ye blooms, ye stars, in vain ye bid
Your soft enchantments round my senses throng--
For she is lost who greeted all your powers;
She breathes no more who loved your pensive hours!