Sonnets of a Chorus Girl (Sonnet 15)

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But You Bet I Will

SAY, honest, it's a shame to string him so.
I s'pose right now he's frettin' fit to kill,
First thinkin' that I won't, then that I will,
And wonderin' how soon I'll let him know.
He said if I'd be his that we would go
To Europe and rest easy there until
His ma shed all the tears she had to spill,
And then come home and help spend father's dough.

I knew that he had won me then and there;
I knew that I'd be his as sure as fate;
But still I had to play the game for fair--
Who cares for fish that bite at any bait?
I didn't let him kiss me--on the square!--
But told him that I'd see and made him wait.