Sonnets of a Chorus Girl (Sonnet 10)

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A Freeze

GEE, now he's drawn a lemon from his dad;
The old man's legs are icy to his knees;
He says that we can marry if we please,
But pa will not be there to make us glad!
He' jumpin' up and down and swearin' mad,
And scatterin' his hair upon the breeze--
Gee whiz, I wonder why he's such a tease?
I guess he thinks I'm punk--ain't that too bad?

But wait awhile, don't call it off just yet;
Pa's never heard me sing nor saw me dance;
He's old, but still a man, and don't forget
The magic that is in a word or glance;
I think he'll like me better when we've met.
As far as he's concerned, I'll take a chance.