C. C. L.

From The Southern and Western Literary Messenger and Review (April 1847)

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"I had a dream all beautifully sad"

I had a dream all beautifully sad,
My life's sole solace had gone up on high,
And I was left on earth alone to die.
Musing in resignation almost glad,
I wept my loss, when lo, in beauty clad,
I saw my loved one to my couch draw nigh:
For she had descended from the sky,
If to my grief she might some respite add.
Sweet was the thought that love could bring her down,
But I was troubled as the mother, when
Her suff'ring infant wakes and moans again;
"O linger not--resume your heavenly crown,"
I said, and as soft notes of music fail,
She, smiling, melted in the moonbeams pale.

                C. C. L.

(Compare with Milton's
On His Deceased Wife.)