Levi F. Bauder (1840-?)

"A lawyer at Cleveland, Ohio; one of a literary circle, but one who has published verse but rarely." (Crandall)

"Levi F. Bauder, b. 1840. A veteran of the civil war. Was 1st Sergt. of Co. B in the famous Seventh Reg. O. V. I. He was county auditor from 1877 to 1883, and ajustice of the peace 15 years. A.valuable man to his country and. to his community." (from The Pioneer Families of Cleveland)


Seems there a hand outstretched to bar the way,
A voice that says, "This door to you is closed;"
Are all your plans mysteriously opposed,
Your course of progress hampered by delay?
Seems chance to you but mischance, with no ray
Of clear good-fortune through the clouds disclosed,
Though some appear to thrive who idly dozed
While you were up and doing with the day?
So seems it to us all.  Though long delayed,
Your time will come, so labor and be wise;
So came the Indian's, who had sought the aid
Of a small shrub—it failed him—in surprise
He frowned—but there, in glittering veins displayed,
Potosi's mine of silver met his eyes!

(Text from Representative Sonnets by American Poets)

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