Herbert Bashford (1871-1928)

"Born in Sioux City Iowa, in 1871, he has already printed verse in various periodicals, a poem written at the age of fifteen being accepted by the Critic .  He resides in Tacoma, Wash.  The sonnet is an unpublished one."  (Crandall)

One Autumn Night

Can I forget that glorious autumn night,
So full of joyous pain, when you and I
Stood on the shore beneath a cloudless sky,
And watched the moon, all drenched with holy light,
Sail slowly up, and toss a veil of white
Across the heaving sea?—when waves rode by
And pressed broad palms upon the rocks, to try
And bear away the rough stone from our sight?

Ah, no! 'twas then I spoke to you of love,—
My secret which you long ere that had guessed;
'Twas then I first knew passion's fiery heat
And kissed your cheek, your lips, while high above
A great star shook, and in its burning breast,
As in my own, a red heart beat and beat. 

(Text from Representative Sonnets by American Poets)

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