Thomas Rutherford Bacon

"The author of various essays and other periodical literature.  His sonnet Deus Immanens appeared in the Atlantic Monthly ." (Crandall)

Deus Immanens

I sometimes wonder that the human mind,
In searching for creation's hidden things,
Should miss that high intelligence that springs
From that which is not seen, but is divined.
Does knowing much of nature make us blind
To nature's better self?  The Greek could see
A conscious life in every stream and tree,
Some nymph or god.  Our broader faith should find
A life divine, whose fine pulsations roll
In endless surges through the secret veins
Of earth and sky, which hidden still remains
Save to the instinct of the reverent soul;
Should know that everything, from lowest sod
To farthest star, thrills with the life of God.

(Text from Representative Sonnets by American Poets)

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