Henry Abbey

"Born in Rondout, N.Y., 1842, he has had considerable experience in journalistic work, and is now a prosperous grain-dealer.  He is a member of the Authors' Club of New York, also of the New York Produce Exchange.  One of his volumes was reprinted in London.  He is his own publisher. (Kingston, N.Y.)." (Crandall)

Faith's Vista

When from the vaulted wonder of the sky
The curtain of the light is drawn aside,
And I behold the stars in all their wide
Significance and glorious mystery,
Assured that those more distant orbs are suns
Round which innumerable worlds revolve,
My faith grows strong, my day-born doubts dissolve,
And death, that dread annulment which life shuns,
Or fain would shun, becomes to life the way,
The thoroughfare to greater worlds on high,
The bridge from star to star.  Seek how we may,
There is no other road across the sky;
And, looking up, I hear star-voices say:
"You could not reach us if you did not die."

(Text from Representative Sonnets by American Poets)

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